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WMA Cutter: Split and Cut WMA Files

Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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If you are looking for an excellent WMA cutter this is an article you don't want to miss. Maybe it occurred to you occasionally that you found a piece of a WMA song was melodious and you wanted to make that piece your phone ringtone, but you couldn't because you didn't know how to. However, this won't bother you anymore if you have an excellent WMA cutter.

Excellent WMA Cutter

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a program packed in clean and intuitive interface that allows you to add items through file browser or "drag and drop" method. Besides, if you want to batch cut multiple WMA audios, this software may be your best choice. The program provides newcomers the basic built-in editors allowing them to trim, cut the audios precisely. Alternatively, you can delete the clips you don't need. For advanced users, this program allows them to modify the audio quality in regard to its bitrate, sample rate and channel.

Video Converter Ultimate – Split and Cut WMA Files

Video Converter Ultimate might be the best tool to split and cut WMA Files. Do not hesitate to have a try for the free trial version.


How to Use WMA Cutter

Step 1. Download and Install

You should free download the trial version of Video Converter Ultimate and run the installation. After the installation is over you will get to the clean and intuitive interface..

Step 2. Add WMA Files

In the interface you can click "Add Files" to browse your file and choose your desired .wma file(s), or you can drag them into the interface and drop them.

Add WMA Files 

Step 3. Cut WMA File into Clips

After all files added, you can start editing the file by clicking the "Edit" button at the end of the audio. On the following window you can cut the audio. You can set the beginning and ending time or click "Add Trim Marker" then you can drag the two sliders to select certain clip. After all settings are done, you can click "OK" to confirm these settings.

Notes: if you have multiple audio files you need to make settings to the files respectively. If you want to merge all the audio clips into one file you should tick the option "Merge all videos into one file" only after you are sure the play order is right.

Cut WMA File into Clip
Step 4. Choose WMA as Output Format

On the main interface there is the "Output Format" bar where you can click to choose WMA as output audio format. Transfer the video to your iPhone 7 then you can enjoy anytime anywhere.

Choose WMA as Output Format
Step 5. Output the Trimmed Audio File

After all settings done, you can click the "Convert" button and the trimmed audio will be exported in a minute. You can open the output folder to check out the file.

Output the Trimmed Audio File

Besides its powerful audio converting function, Video Converter Ultimate also serves as a video converter which allows you to convert so many kinds of videos, for instance, you can convert videos to S8/S8+.

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