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Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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Developed by Nintendo, Wii is a game console that was considered as a revolutionary console for replacing a conventional controller with a wand. With motion sensors, it allows players to play videos games by physically carrying out actions. Actually, Wii is more than a game console. It can also serve as a media player with its resolution of 720*480 pixels. However, it only supports MP4, DIVX, MOV and AVI. If you want to play videos in other formats like MKV, WAV, FLV and so on, you need to convert them to the Wii supported format before transferring to Wii.

Video Converter Ultimate is created for converting different video/audio formats including MKV, WAV, FLV, HEVC, M4V, XVID, DIVX and others to Wii supported formats. You can also freely customize target videos/audios by setting a range of parameters, including encoder, sample rate, resolution, bit rate, as well as output quality. You can choose to output a small size video so as to save up the storage space of Wii. Now let’s take a look at how to perform this software.

Video Converter Ultimate – Best Wii Video Converter

Video Converter Ultimate is able to convert MKV, WAV, FLV, HEVC, M4V, XVID, DIVX and so on to Wii. Its strong compatibility, stability and high efficiency will impress you.


How to Convert Videos for Wii

Step 1. Import Video Files

Launch Video Converter Ultimate in your PC. Then you can see the interface below. Click "Add Files" button on the upper-left corner of the interface to add video files to the program. Or you can directly drag the video files to the main interface.

Add Files
Step 2. Select Wii Supported Format

This user-friendly software categorizes different formats in several tabs, so that you can find your desire output format easily. Now go to "Output Format" > "Device" > "Game" > "Wii". With this considerable design, you don't need to memorize what are Wii supported formats.

Choose Video Format
Step 3. Specify Parameters

Wii console supports a resolution of 720*480 pixels, so you might need to adjust the resolution of the output video to achieve the best visual experience. In the "Settings" window, Video Converter Ultimate enables you to adjust encoder, frame rate, resolution and bit rate.

Video Settings
Step 4. Start to Convert

Click the "Convert" button to start the conversion. When it finishes the converting process, you can find the output files in your PC by clicking "Open Folder" button. Then you can transfer the video to Wii via USB.

Converting Video

That's all you need to do to convert videos for Wii. Better yet, Video Converter Ultimate is also a DVD ripper which is capable of converting DVD to MP4. With this function, you can find your way to play DVD on Wii. Why are you still waiting? Now download this software and try for it.

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