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Make Your Video More Fascinating with Stunning Effects

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

Karolina Miller is an editor for VC Studio. From video/audio downloading to DVD creating and converting, she knows them all. And she likes sharing her thought and solution about multimedia.

Maybe you also have this kind of feeling that the plain and bland videos you made are too ordinary for you to present them. Therefore, you want something special to make your videos more fascinating and stunning. However, you have no idea how to make this happen. First of all, you will inevitably need a video editor with effects that enables you to add cool effects in your videos. To begin with, let's get to know some of the stunning effects.

Split Screen Effect

Split Screen Effect, more often known as picture-in-picture effect, is splitting the whole screen into two or more parts and showing different characters' viewpoints simultaneously in each part of the screen. This effect enables you to better state your story from a fresh and stunning angle.

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Customized Playing Motion

You can customize the playing motion such as fast motion and slow motion to change the rhythm of the story being told. By applying fast motion (or time-lapse) you are able to present the progression of a project. You can shrink a possible years of studying in just few minutes or seconds. However, you can also gain a dramatic effect if you use slow motion. Slow motion enables you to put a spotlight on the characters' emotions, highlighting the emotional scenes.

Jump Cut

Jump Cut refers to the abrupt break in the continuity of the scene which is created by cutting off a clip in the scene to make the video jump forwards in time. This effect will give your audience an illusion that your video have skipped a long duration.


Tilt-shift effect or miniature faking is a photographic genre which seems to become popular nowadays. This effect is always applied in the videos or images which are taken from far distance to give you a birds-eye-view perspective. So if you want to make the video look as if it's shooting a model set not a real world, you really should try this splendid effect.

Pan and Zoom

Pan and zoom effect is the effect always used to focus on certain parts of a video such as focusing on the expression of a character or on a detailed part of a scene. Photographers always use this effect on the purpose of showing the characters' emotion or highlighting an easy-to-miss detail that may be important in the video.

Best Video Editor with Effects

Now that you have known some of the fascinating effects which are really helpful when it comes to make your video more attractive and stunning. However, how exactly can you add these effects into your videos?

Filmora Video Editor is a professional video editor with effects that supports editing videos in two modes: basic mode and Full Feature Mode. The basic mode enables you to make some basic edit to videos in different formats (crop, trim, cut, split, merge and make slow motion or time-lapse videos). If the basic mode is not enough for you, you will find the Full Feature Mode more powerful. With the Full Feature Mode, you can customize the videos with built-in visual effects, transitions, text and music, as well as creating compelling videos with picture-in-picture effect, green screen, scene detection, etc. With Filmora Video Editor, you will be able to create some stunning and fascinating videos. The following tutorial will show you how to create picture-in-picture video using video editor with effects.

Filmora Video Editor: Make Your Video More Fascinating

Filmora Video Editor enables you to add stunning effects to your videos like split screen, jump cut, tilt shift, pan and zoom, etc.


How to Inject Effects Using Video Editor with Effects

Step 1. Launch Video Editor with Effects

After download and install Filmora Video Editor, it will launch itself.

Launch Video Editor with Effects
Step 2. Import Source File

Click "Import" button to import source video or you can click "Import a media folder" to add multiple files. Moreover, you can also add files from camera and phone.

Import Source File
Step 3. Create Picture-in-picture Video

First, drag the main video to the video timeline for editing. Then you need to select the video or picture you want to add to the main video. Right click and select "Apply to PIP", then the video or picture will be appeared at the timeline under the main video.

Create Picture-in-picture Video
Step 4. Customize the Picture-in-picture

Move the picture or video to the appropriate time. Now double click the picture or video to open the Motion Panel, then click "Advanced" to go to "PIP Edit" window. There are two tabs: "Mask" tab and "Effect" tab.

In "Mask" tab you can select the mask you like and double click to apply it to your PIP video. Also, you can adjust the size and location here. Finally, check the video effect on the right window.

In the "Effect" tab, you can find other functions like add shadow, border and flip effect.

Customize the Picture-in-picture

Customize the Picture-in-picture

Step 5. Save the Picture-in-picture Video to Your Computer

Now you can save the Picture-in-picture video to your computer: click the "EXPORT" button on the toolbar, choose "Create Video" on the list to save the video on your computer. You can save the video in your desired format and video settings.

Save the Picture-in-picture Video to Your Computer

Save the Picture-in-picture Video to Your Computer

Isn't it easy to create picture-in-picture video? Besides, you can also use Filmora Video Editor to add more effects to videos like customizing playing motion, jump cut, pan and zoom, etc.

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