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Firefox Video Downloader: 3 Ways to Download Video from Firefox

Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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If you are a Firefox user, you might want to know some tips about how to download videos via Firefox in a simple way. Luckily, this guide will introduce 3 ways to download video from Firefox. Now let's read this guide and get the problem solved!

Method 1Using Firefox Add-on

One of the easy ways to download video on Firefox is using the Firefox add-on. If you search "Firefox YouTube Add-on" online, you can easily find this site. By simply clicking the "Get Firefox Now!" button and restarting Firefox, the Mozilla download helper would be automatically installed.

Install Firefox Add On

As you can see in the picture below, the "Download" button (with a round red icon in it) will emerge on the video websites that you are browsing. Click that button to choose available format/quality to download. That's it!


  • Very easy to install

  • Support all available YouTube formats (MP4, FLV, WebM, 3GP) for any video quality

  • Download videos in many different formats and quality


  • Only with Firefox

  • Only workable on YouTube

Firefox Add On  

Method 2Using AllMyTube Plug-in

About AllMyTube

AllMyTube is a professional downloader which can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, BBC, etc. As a user-friendly software, it comes with a handy plug-in which enables you to download any videos from 10,000+ sites with one click. Now let's see how to use this Firefox download helper.

AllMyTube – Best Video Downloader for Firefox

What is the easiest way to download any video from any video websites on Firefox? Try AllMyTube!


After you install AllMyTube on your PC, the downloader plug-in will be automatically installed in your Firefox. Restart Firefox after the installation. You can easily find a "Download" button on the video window. Now you know how to download the videos on Firefox - just click the "Download" button!


  • Not only with Firefox. It also works perfectly well on Internet Explorer (Win Version), Chrome (Mac version) and Safari (Mac version).

  • Besides YouTube, you can also use it to download video from other websites, including Metaface, Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, BBC and so on.

Download Icon

Method 3Using "Paste URL" button on AllMyTube

Instead of using a plug-in, you are also able to download the video by pasting URL in AllMyTube.

Firstly, you need to go to the websites where you want to download the videos, and copy the URL.

Secondly, go back to AllMyTube and click "Paste URL" button on the upper-left of the interface. Then AllMyTube will automatically start the downloading process.


  • Compatible with any browsers

  • Download videos from 10,000+ websites

  • Win / Mac version are both available

  • Support batch downloading (Free trial version can only download one task at a time)

Paste Dailymotion URL

As a bonus, AllMyTube is capable of converting downloaded files to MP4, MP3, MMV, DIVX, etc. What's even better, it can transfer downloaded or recorded videos to mobile devices wirelessly via Wi-Fi. This all-round software would surprise you with its outstanding features. What are you waiting for? Now download it and have a try!

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