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Quick Guide to Upload 3D Video to YouTube 3D Channel

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

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Now, many people prefer to watch videos in 3D format or VR mode. The largest video sharing website – YouTube, also allows you not only to watch 3D videos on it, but also to upload your own 3D content to its 3D channel for sharing with other audiences. Do you want to share 3D video on your YouTube to get more views? Do you know how to create a 3D video by yourself? You have already come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert any normal video to 3D mode for sharing on YouTube 3D channel. Just get ready and start your work by following steps below.

In order to help you create more 3D videos for sharing on YouTube, I would like to introduce a handy program to you, which is called Video Converter Ultimate. This program supports almost all video format and it has the preset of 3D video format for sharing on YouTube 3D channel. This feature will make your conversion easier. Besides converting 2D to 3D, it is capable of converting normal video to VR mode for viewing on VR headset. It turns out to be a helpful and powerful video converter. And there are other functions waiting to be found as long as you download it.

Video Converter Ultimate – Convert Video to 3D for Sharing on YouTube

This excellent video converter can help you convert various video format to 3D format supported by YouTube.


Guide to Show How to Upload Video to YouTube 3D Channel

Step 1. Add Video to the Program

First at all, download and install Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. You can either click "Add Files" to add video files or drag & drop them to the main interface of Video Converter Ultimate.

Convert Tab

Step 2. Choose Output Format

In "Format" > "3D" category of the format drop-down list, you will find two option of YouTube 3D output format: side-by-side format for sharing on YouTube 3D Channel and anaglyph image, red-cyan format for sharing on YouTube 3D Channel. Select one output 3D format according to your need.

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Customize the Output Settings

To make your 3D video right for the uploading, you can open the "Settings" window via clicking on the little gear icon. Here you can adjust the video and audio parameters: Encoder, Resolution, Channel, Sample Rate, Bit Rate, etc.

Customize the Output Settings

Step 4. Convert Usual Video to 3D

Now, you just need to hit "Convert" button to convert video to 3D format for sharing on YouTube 3D Channel. When the conversion is done, you can get the 3D video with best output specs.

Converting Video

Step 5. Upload 3D Video to YouTube

You are able to upload the 3D video to YouTube Channel via the normal YouTube upload process with one big difference. When sharing video on YouTube 3D channel, head to "Advanced Setting" tap and choose "This video is already 3D" from the 3D video pick list. After that, you must choose the 3D arrangement. Just select "Side by side: Left video on the left side."

Upload 3D Video to YouTube

In this way, you can convert any normal video to 3D format and uploading them to YouTube 3D channel without any hassle. Video Converter Ultimate offers an easy method to watch and share 3D movies and videos with other people. Now share your creation to YouTube at once!


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