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Trim Your Video to Make It Perfect

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

Karolina Miller is an editor for VC Studio. From video/audio downloading to DVD creating and converting, she knows them all. And she likes sharing her thought and solution about multimedia.

Have you ever come across below situation?

• Only want to use a section of video which is helpful to you.

• Want to delete the ads in video.

• The video you captured by camcorder include the shaky or useless parts.

When you have this issue, you might wonder how to trim your video to get the perfect video you like. To solve this problem, you need a trimming tool to start this work.

We can use Video Converter Ultimate – a powerful tool which helps you trim any video files into several clips. With this video trimmer, you can cut off unwanted parts at will. This program can also rotate video to bring a new angle, customize brightness, contrast, saturation to get the best effect, add subtitle, add watermark, etc. It is easy-to-use for beginners which don't have the professional skill. Follow below steps and start trimming your video.

Video Converter Ultimate – Simple Trimming Tool

This program provides the basic editing function to make your own video. Easy-to-use interface and other powerful features will meet your demand about video.


Trim your Video with Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Import the Video Files

Launch the program. Then click "Add Files" on the "Convert" interface and import the video files from your local folder, or directly drag and drop to the program.

Import Files

Step 2. Open Edit Panel

Find and press the "Edit" icon to open the "Edit" Panel. It will come with the default "Trim" tab. And you will find other 4 options which are the "Adjust", "Effect", "Watermark" and "Subtitle".

Click Edit Icon

Step 3. Trim your Video

First, play your video on the preview window and find the place you want to trim. Then use "Add Trim Marker" to add the initial marker. By default, it will give a duration time. On the right of the panel, modify the "Start Time" and "End Time" according to your need. Alternatively, you can adjust the duration time by stretching or shortening the marker.

Trim Video

Step 4. Preview your Video

When you finished the work, preview your video to check it. If you are not satisfied with it, you can click the "Reset" to restart splitting your video.

Step 5. Save your Video

Go to select the output format and then click the blue "Convert" to save your video.

Select format and Convert Video

You will find out that it is a simple and easy solution about video trimming. This is because Video Converter Ultimate has the user-friendly interface and straightforward operating processes. You will get a flawless editing experience by using this video cutter.


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