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How to Stream Video from PC to PS3/PS4


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Though PS3 and PS4 mainly worked as video game consoles, many people use them as media players for they have a hard drive that allows you to store media files, such as movies, music and photos. If you are a green hand for using PS3/PS4, you might want to know how to stream or sync videos from your computer to PS3. This article provides 2 methods.

Preparations: Set up your PS3

  • Make sure your PS3 is connected to the same network (via Ethernet or wireless) as your computer. You can check your connection by going to Settings > Network Settings.

  • Go to Settings > Network Settings > Media Server Connection on your PS3 and set it to "Enabled", otherwise streaming will not work.

Method 1 Stream Any Videos to PS3 with PS3 Media Server

As not all video formats are supported by PS3/PS4, I first want to recommend Video Converter Ultimate to you. This program can help you convert videos to PS3 supported format for playback successfully. For Example, you can convert MKV movies to PS3. In addition, this program includes a powerful plugin called "Media Server", which is helpful in streaming any video to PS3/PS4 via Wi-Fi. Now, let's see how it works.

Video Converter Ultimate – Stream Any Video to PS3/PS4 Effortlessly

This is an all-in-one tool which can help you convert, edit, stream any videos for PS3. Download the trial version and have a try.

Step 1. Open Media Server

Open Video Converter Ultimate on your computer after downloading and installation. Then, click "Media Server" tab on the top menu bar. You will see the interface as below. The program will automatically detect the available cast devices in the network. You can choose PS3 from the bottom of the primary window.

Open Media Server

Step 2. Import your video files

Now you can browse and locate all the media files stored on your PC by clicking the "Computer" icon. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop the videos you want to stream to the program.

Import Videos

Step 3. Start streaming

Mouse over the video and you will see the "Play on TV" option. Choose it and a connecting window will pop up. Then, you can stream the video to your PS3 quickly.

Streaming Video

Method 2Stream Videos to PS3 with Windows Media Player

If you are using a Windows computer and don't want to download extra software, Windows Media Player can stream some videos from your PC to your TV via your PlayStation 3. I say "some" because the PS3 can only play certain types of video (full list here). Follow the steps below, you can stream PS3 supported videos in no time.

Step 1. In Windows 10/8, open the "Start" screen, then go to Settings> Network & Internet > Network and Sharing Centre>Change advanced sharing settings.

Tips: If you are using Windows 7, click on your start button, and click 'Control Panel'. On the next page you will see 'Network and Sharing Centre', if not, click Network and Internet and then you'll see the option.

Network and Sharing Centre

Step 2. Turn on "Network Discovery" and "File and printer sharing".

Network Discovery

Step 3. Scroll down and turn on the Media Streaming Sever and then click "Choose Media Streaming Options". Then click "Turn on Media Streaming" and that's done.

Media Server Options

Step 4. Turn on your PS3/PS4, and go to either the Audio, Video or Music section, and your PC will be listed there as a media source. Select it, and all the media available on your PC will be there to use.


Hope these two methods can do you a favor anyhow. Except PS3/PS4, you can apply these two ways to stream videos to Xbox. For green hands, I recommend you use Video Converter Ultimate to convert and stream videos in a simpler way than using Windows Media Player. Now you can enjoy videos on game consoles. Welcome to the good life.

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