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[Fixed] How to Repair Corrupted Video Files (MP4, MOV & AVI)


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Maybe you also had this kind of experience: an unexpected system shutdown occurred suddenly when you were downloading a movie or a video, or your network suddenly suspended during your downloading a movie or video. The direct result of this is the collapse of the movie or video. Of course there are still many other reasons for the collapse during your downloading movie or video. The issue here is how exactly you can repair corrupted video files when it occurred unexpectedly. If you are prompted that the video cannot be played for the file is damaged. Moreover, it won't solve the issue even if you download the video again for the original video is also damaged. Then you will need a video repairer to fix it if you want to play the video normally.

Best Corrupted Video Repair Tool

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is definitely among the best five repairers on the market. Supporting both Windows and Mac, Stellar Phoenix Video Repair are able to repair videos in different formats such as MP4, M4V, F4V, WMV, etc. This program supports deep scanning the corrupted videos and then fix them without altering the original video data. Moreover, the repairing process is quick and safe, and you can have a quick preview after the repairing process is over. You can finish the following tutorial to learn how to repair corrupted video files with Stellar Phoenix Video Repairer.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair: Repair Any Corrupted Video

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is designed for repairing any kinds of video with the best quality. Feel free to download and try it!


How to Repair Corrupted Videos with Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

Step 1. Add Corrupted Videos to Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

You should download and install Stellar Phoenix Video Repair first. After the installation is finished you will get into the main interface where you can add corrupted videos. Click "Add" button to add files. You can select several files at a time. If you want to remove a file you can click "Remove" button or when you are ready to repair you just uncheck the file.

Add Corrupted Videos
Step 2. Start Repairing the Corrupted Videos

After all files added, you can now start the repairing by clicking the "Repair" button. The repairing process will start and finish automatically and you can monitor the process through the "Overall Process" section.

Start Repairing the Corrupted Videos
Step 3. Preview the Repaired Videos

After the repairing process is complete, you can click on the videos then click "Preview" to check out the repaired videos. It should be noticed that you can only preview one minute of the video if you are using the demo version.

Preview the Repaired Videos
Step 4. Save the Repaired Videos

If you think the videos are repaired properly through the preview, then you can now save the repaired videos to a desired location so you can find them easily later.

Save the Repaired Videos

Just simple four steps will help you solve the video corruption issue once and for all, isn't it convenient? As is said above,  Stellar Phoenix Video Repair can also repair damaged videos in different video formats. It also enables you to repair M4V, F4V, WMV, MOV, etc.

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