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How to Repair a Corrupt WMV File

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

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Have you ever come across the video frame became fuzzy when you watch a downloaded video? Or sometimes a video can't be opened no matter what player you try? The cause is likely that the video is broken or corrupted. And like all media files, sometimes WMV video files become damaged, corrupted or produce error messages. This might be caused by virus infection, a mistyped file name or a bug contained in the video files itself.

If these videos are important for you, you may really want to get the lost videos back. How to recover corrupted WMV videos? Is there any easy and efficient method to repair this problem if you have encountered? Several programs exist in current market to help you fix damaged WMV files. But here we would like to recommend the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair to help you repair corrupted WMV videos and get it playing in any WMV-compatible player.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is an advanced software which is designed to repair corrupted or broken videos from any storage media. It is capable of recovering corrupted WMV, MOV, MP4, M4V, and F4V files, due to multiple reasons such as header corruption, read/write issues, virus, compression problem and modification of format. This video repair tool is available for both Windows and Mac users, so you can download from below according to your requirement.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair – Advanced Video Repair Tool

With the help of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, you can easily fix your damaged or corrupted WMV files to get complete WMV video again.


Detailed Guide: How to Fix the Corrupted WMV Video

Step 1. Open Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

After installation, launch the "Stellar Phoenix Video Repair" on your Mac or PC. Now it will present a simple and basic interface as below. Just click on "Repair Video" button to continue.

Open Video Repair

Step 2. Add WMV Video File

Here you will enter the "Video Repair" interface and now click "Add" button. From the "open file" dialog box, you can browse your local folder to import the WMV video files to this video repair tool.

Add WMV Video File

Step 3. Preview and Repair WMV Video Files

Now choose any video file and click on "Preview" button to check the corrupt WMV files before repairing. When you get ready, just click the "Repair" button to begin WMV video repairing process.

Preview and Repair WMV Video Files

Step 4. Save the Repaired WMV Videos

Once the repair is over, you can also preview the repaired WMV video files. Then all you need to do is save the repaired WMV videos to your computer by clicking "Save" button.

Save Repaired WMV Videos

When the saving process completed, you will receive a confirmation message with a link to the location of saved repaired WMV videos. You can click the link to locate your WMV video files. With Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, how to open corrupt WMV video file is no longer a tough issue any more.


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