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How to Record Pandora Online Radio

Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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Pandora Radio is a service specializes in streaming music and recommending music automatically based on the user’s musical preferences. With this features, it would be easier to find the songs you like in Pandora. However, do you know how to capture audio from Pandora?

There are only three ways provided on the services for you to download Pandora radio: buy on iTunes, buy on Amazon MP3, or buy CD on Amazon. Wouldn't it be fantastic if there is another way to acquire audio from Pandora without paying every song? Luckily, it is not complicated to achieve that by using Streaming Audio Recorder.

Streaming Audio Recorder can record any audio playing through your computer, including streaming music sites, radio stations, in-game sound, and more. With the features of splitting streaming recordings between songs and filtering out ads during audio recording process, this software enables you to record Pandora radio without a pause. In addition, Streaming Audio Recorder is powerful enough to fix music ID3 tags automatically, or you can edit them if you wish. All in all, it is a perfect tool for a music service like Pandora. Come and see how to handle this software.

Streaming Audio Recorder – The Best Tool to Record Music from Pandora

Streaming Audio Recorder is an excellent recorder to freely record music, set ID3 tags, and so on. Download free trial version below.


How to Record Pandora Online Radio

Step 1. Launch Streaming Audio Recorder

Open the software, you can see the main interface below.

Main Interface
Step 2. Get the Audio Ready

Go back to Pandora, and find the songs you want to record. Remember to pause it so as to get ready for recording.

Pandora Music

Tips: Since Streaming Audio Recorder can record any audio playing through your computer, please make sure to turn off the sound of other programs before recording. Otherwise, irrelevant noise might interrupt the recording process.

Step 3. Record Pandora Radio

Click the "Record" button on the left top of the interface, and now Streaming Audio Recorder is ready for recording.

Now you have to go back to Pandora, and start to play the audio. There would be a lot of musical note flying on the interface, which means the program is working well.

Record Songs
Step 4. Finish Recording and Set ID3 Tags

After it finished recording, you can find the recorded files named as "Track X" in "Library" tab. Press "identify" (the red button), Streaming Audio Recorder will automatically set the ID3 tags for you.

Make Ringtones

More tips: You might notice that there is a small "Ringtone" button next to the "Title" tab. That is used for creating a custom ringtone.

It's easy to record streaming music from Pandora by following the above steps. Better yet, Streaming Audio Recorder can not only record music from Pandora, but also from many other websites, like YouTube, Vevo and so on. It can also create ringtones with a few clicks. If you are interested in Streaming Audio Recorder, please download and find out more.

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