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MP4 Compressor – How to Compress MP4 File for Smaller Size

Catrina Jones
Catrina Jones

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Don't you hate it when you have a large MP4 file that takes hours to upload? If you want to send a MP4 video via WhatsApp, you will probably need to reduce and compress it for smaller size in order to share it faster and successfully. In this tutorial you will learn how to dramatically compress video files without losing quality!

Why Compress MP4 Files

  • The large amount of MP4 videos take up a whole lot space so reducing MP4 file size can release hard disc space or fit on the memory card for mobile devices.

  • You need to shrink MP4 down so as to share via Email, YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp faster and successfully

  • You need to reduce and compress MP4 video for smaller size to fit the size of the screen so as to play the high-resolution video on a small-screen device.

Feasible Tool to Compress MP4 Videos Without Losing Quality

One of the most popular tools that can significantly shrink the file size without losing quality is Video Converter Ultimate. It is popular due to following reasons:

  • It can compress video from nearly any format including MP4, MOV, 4K, 3D, MP3, AC3, etc. to smaller size

  • Directly compress MP4 to iPhone/iPad/Android/Roku/Xbox/PSP and more

  • It can change codecs, lower resolution, bit rate, frame rate to shrink MP4 file size

  • Personalize MP4 videos before compression, such as crop/edit/trim/subtitle

  • It works on Windows and Mac

Video Converter Ultimate – Professional MP4 Compressor

Video Converter Ultimate is the best MP4 video size reducer. It features MP4 video compression, excellent video editing and batch video conversion.


How to Compress MP4 Files for Smaller Size in Three Ways

Step 1. Download Video Converter Ultimate

You will first need to download Video Converter Ultimate and launch it on PC. Then import the video whose size you want to reduce to the program.

Launch Video Converter Ultimate

Step 2. Choose Video Format

You can go to "Output Format" > "Format"> "Video" to select the video format as you want such as MP4 or FLV. You can keep output format as MP4 format and directly go to change its parameter settings.

Choose Video Format

Step 3. Shrink Video File Size in Three Ways
Method 1. Resize Video Automatically

Now you can click on "Preset" button and select "Small Size" to compress the MP4 video.

Method 2. Change Video Parameters

Or you can adjust the MP4 video parameters like resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio and bit rate in the "Settings" window.

  • Change Video Resolution: If you don't need a 1280×720 or higher resolution video, then a resolution of 800×600 or 640×480 can be a good substitution for your HD video. Or you can even choose a 320×240 resolution suitable for a smartphone.

  • Lower Frame Rate: Frame rate is a number of frames displayed per second. It generally varies between 24-30 fps. By lowering the frame rate, you can significantly decrease video file size. However, this method is not highly recommended because it affects video smoothness.

  • Lower Bit Rate: The less bitrate value you select the smaller size you get. Just don't lower it too much otherwise your video may lose quality. It's better to keep bitrate value between 1400 and 2000kbps.

Change Video Parameters

Method 3. Cut Out Unnecessary Part

Now you can click on "Preset" button and select "Small Size" to compress the MP4 video.You can resize your video by cropping out the unnecessary extras like additional movie scenes, trailers, behind-the-scenes, interviews and commentaries, and audio tracks you don't need. Click on the "Edit" button and an interface will pop up. You can use the "Trim" function to crop out whatever part unwanted.

Cut Out Unnecessary Part

Step 4. Start Compressing MP4 Video

With all the steps finished, you can tap on the "Convert" button to start compressing MP4 video to smaller size. And the result shows the original 83.7MB MP4 file is compressed to 17.8MB.

Choose Video Format

Video compression is central to all the videos we create. Pick a video compression program like Video Converter Ultimate that meets your needs and spend time learning it. Don't forget that it is also a MP4 video converter that allows you to convert MP4 video to/from any format you like!

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