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How to Convert Video to VR Format for Playing on HTC Vive

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

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Although the various virtual reality headsets have emerged this year such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. HTC Vive will be the flagship among these VR headset with better immersive video-watching experience.

Part 1 What is HTC Vive?

HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. This headset is committed to create an immersive environment that allow users to walk and look around in the simulated world, manipulate objects and interact with precision, communicate and experience immersive environments by using motion tracked handheld controllers. Every HTC Vive unit include a Vive headset unit, two controllers, two base stations, a link box to connect the headset with your PC, USB cables, power cables and other accessories. With these accessories, you are able to get the most vivid VR experience via HTC Vive.

Part 2 How to Convert Normal Video to HTC Vive

If you wish to get more video to playback on your HTC Vive, it is necessary to get a HTC Vive VR Video Converter. Video Converter Ultimate is such a professional VR video converter which allows you to convert any ordinary video to virtual reality format. So you can get more VR content for your HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus rift and so on. This program is capable of 300 ordinary output format like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MTS, etc. Now, let's see the VR conversion that can be used for HTC Vive in detail.

Video Converter Ultimate – Get Virtual Reality Video for HTC Vive

Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent VR video converter for HTC Vive which allows you to convert any 2D video to virtual reality video.

Step 1. Add Video Files

Open this VR video converter. You can directly use the "Add Files" button to load the ordinary video that you wish to convert into VR format. Or it is also available to drag and drop videos from PC folder into this program.

Add Files

Step 2. Select HTC Vive as Output Format

You need to open the "Profile" list and go to "3D" to select a proper format for your HTC Vive. For VR video, you must choose the 3D Side by Side video.

Choose HTC Vive

Step 3. Customize Video Settings

Before starting the conversion, click the "Setting" icon where you are able to adjust the video/audio settings like encoder, resolution, frame rate, bit rate and so on. Also it is possible to change the output folder path as per your need.

Customize Video Settings

Step 4. Start to Convert Normal Video to HTC Vive

Click on "Convert" button to accomplish the process of video to HTC Vive. And this virtual reality video conversion will be finished in a short time.

Converting Video to VR

Part 3 VR Video Player for HTC Vive

If you want to play the converted VR video on HTC Vive, you need to install a VR video player on your computer in advance. There are three kinds of player software available in the current market: Virtual Desktop, Vive Cinema and Whirlig VR Media Player.

Virtual Desktop - $14.99

This application is designed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to help you use your computer in VR. With Virtual Desktop, you are able to browse the web, watch videos, or even play games on a giant virtual screen. However Virtual Desktop can only work with Windows 10.

Vive Cinema - Free

Vive Cinema is a free VR player developed by HTC VR NEW Technology team and it can be download from Viveport. Vive Cinema supports many types of video playing such as flat, stereo (3D), 360, and 180. And Windows 7/8/10 are supported by this player.

Whirlig VR Media Player - $3.99

Whirligig is also an immersive video player. But the operation for this player is complicated and you are required to download and install the decoder.

Part 4 Play VR Video on HTC Vive with Vive Cinema

Step 1. Start Vive Cinema

Place your videos into the directory "Vive Cinema" folder in Windows Video Library. If there is no "Vive Cinema", you can create it by yourself or directly run this application once. Then the folder will be created automatically for you. After the SteamVR status gets ready, open the Vive Cinema.

Find Vive Cinema

Step 2. Start Playing Video on HTC Vive VR

1. First, select VR video by pointing to the video thumbnail and then pulling Trigger.

2. In the Video Selection page, the right-top corner of thumbnail will show a setting icon. Point to this icon then it will show a video type selection panel. Pull Trigger to switch and select the mode as per your need.

3. Adjust the screen position

• For flat, stereo(3D) videos

Point to the screen, pull and hold Trigger, then point to any position to put down the screen; Swipe top/down on Touchpad to adjust the distance of the screen; press Touchpad to rotate the screen.

• For 360, stereo 360 videos

Press and hold Trigger, swipe left/right on Touchpad to adjust the view direction on the center.

4. Press Grip to start the video playback.

Play Video on Vive Cinema

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