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How to Clone Yourself in A Video


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I figured out how to clone myself. No, I don't mean to copy my DVD and grow another Lewis. I'm simply taking about clone myself in a video.

Cloning yourself in a video is pretty cool and creative and there are many ways of cloning yourself. You can clone yourself in iMovie/FCPX or clone yourself using Windows Movie Maker. But the easiest way to duplicate yourself in a video is using Filmora Video Editor.

Filmora Video Editor provides you two of the most cost-efficient and easiest way for cloning yourself in a clip: Chroma Key Compositing (or Green Screening), and Picture-in-Picture editing. Then, you can add a very fun and creative element to your video helping you growing audience. Download the program and follow the guide below to clone yourself.


Method 1How to Clone Yourself with PIP Effect

Step 1. Shoot Your Video

When your shoot your footage, please make sure you have a stationary background to shoot against and make sure your camera stays in the same place when capturing all of your video clips.

Next, record your actor's or yourself performance with at least two clips. You'll also need to record stationary shot of your scene with no actor in.

Step 2. Clone Yourself in Video with PIP Effect on Filmora

1. Import all your video clip you just have shoot into Filmora.

2. Drag your first clip to the Timeline and them drag your second clip in to the PIP Track.

3. Double click your second clip in PIP track to bring out a settings windows. Click "Advanced" and select a mask to your video. This mask will block out portions of your second clip so that the first one can be played over it.

Clone Yourself with PIP Effect

4. When everything is done, click "Export" to save the video on your computer or upload this funny video to Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Method 2 How to Clone Yourself with Green Screen

First Thing to Know: What is Green Screen

Green screen technology (or Chroma key) is the basis of the effects seen in everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the weather forecast. The idea is simple. If you shoot a video with a single colored backdrop (blue or green is often used), Filmora Video Editor allows you to make that color transparent - replacing it with any other video clip, graphic or still image.

Green screening will allow you to (fairly) easily overlap yourself with your clones without having to manually rotoscope them. By using a green screen, you end up with footage of your clone on a transparent background and it will be easy to place them in the scene. Follow the steps below to clone yourself with green screen effect.

Step 1. Cheap DIY Green Screen Setup

While a professional green screen can be purchased for as little as $50, if your production is on a tight budget, it is just as easy to create your own green screen.

If you have solid color fabric sheets lying around the house in the appropriate color, you can simply use that to film against. Or, if a sheet isn't available at home, simply go to a fabric store and buy an appropriate-size piece of fabric for as little as $10. One more inexpensive option is if you have a studio or room in your home where you can paint the walls, you can quickly create a green screen.

In short, anything that's bright green will work. The only requirement is that your background be large enough to fill your screen.

Please record 2 or 3 video clips with a green background.

DIY Green Screen
Step 2. Shoot Your Video

When the green screen background is setup, you can begin shooting or filming, using a camera or your cell phone such as iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7.

Step 3. Clone Yourself with Filmora Video Editor

1. Open Filmora in "Full Feature Mode" and the import both your background video/picture and green screen clips to the media library.

2. Drag the backroad video/picture in the timeline. Then drag the first video footage to the PIP or right click the video in Media Library and then choose "Apply to PIP".

3. Double click the green screen clip to bring up the settings window and then hit "Advanced".

4. Enter the "Effect" tab, check "Make parts of this video transparent", there you can pick a color that you want to be transparent.

Clone Yourself with Green Screen

5. When everything is OK, export the video to your computer or share it on YouTube.

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