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How to Use Green Screen in iMovie


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Green screen may be a new word for beginners for video editing, but it is widely used in movies and videos for filmmakers. Do you know what is green screen and how to use green screen? Since iMovie allows users to apply green screen effect to their videos, we will show you how to use green screen on iMovie step by step. Actually, green screen is not exclusive to professional editors. Everyone can use it to make their video creative.

What is Green Screen or Chroma Key

In movies and on television, actors sometimes fly through elaborate and fantastic landscapes that simply don't exist in the real world. This high-tech fakery happens with the help of a process called "chroma key," also referred to as "green screen" due to the backdrops' color, which is typically a vivid green.

Technically known as chroma-keying, green screening is the process of masking a video using color– removing specific parts so you can overlay one video on top of another. An obvious example is the weather, where a presenter will stand in front of what appears to be a giant map - in fact, they're standing in front of a green screen and the weather map is being added later.

How to Use Green Screen Effect in iMovie 11


  • iMovie 11

  • Mac computer

  • Chroma key Green footage

  • Background video

Step 1. Open iMovie. In order to use Green screen, you might need to activate the "Show Advanced Tools" from the "Preferences" menu of iMovie first.

Show Advanced Tools

Step 2. Add your background videos and the green screen footage to iMovie.

Step 3. Locate your green screen footage, and drag it onto the timeline over the footage you wish to use as the back drop. When you see the green Add icon (+), release the mouse button and select "green screen". After you add green screen with iMovie, you can get green screen footage on the top of the background video.

Green Screen iMovie

Step 4. In the viewing window, you can drag the four corners to change the frames of the clip. Hit preview button to see the result. To reposition the green-screen or blue-screen clip, drag it to a different spot within the clip, or to a different clip. You can also drag the ends to lengthen or shorten it. To apply the changes, click the "Apply" button in the Green/Blue Screen controls.

Use Green Screen in iMovie

That's how you can apply green screen effect using iMovie. However, iMovie is only available in Mac. How can we edit green screen videos in Windows computer?  I would humbly recommend Wondershare Video Editor (Filmora).

How to Use Green Screen Without Using iMovie

If there is no iMovie on your computer or you are using iMovie 10 which you possibly can 't find the "Show Advanced Tools" option, then you can take Filmora to have a try. This software can Seamlessly mix your motion film with new backgrounds and make green screen effect in just a few clicks.


Step 1. Download Filmora on your computer. You can get this software both on Windows and Mac. Then, open the program and select "FULL FEATUER MODE".


Step 2. Import sources videos to the program. Then, pull and drop the background video of your choice to video timeline. Also drag your green screen video to PIP track of the timeline.

Green Screen

Step 3. Double click the PIP track (green screen video). A new dialog box appears in which click "Advanced"> "Effect" to enter the Green Screen tool. Here you can click the solid color of the background and then drag the slider to adjust the intensity level to make the background transparent.

Use Green Screen Effect

Step 4. When everting is done, click "OK" to save the changes. Then, click "Export" to save the green screen video to your computer or directly upload it to YouTube.

Upload Green Screen Video to YouTube


Mastering green screen photography adds an entirely new facet to your photography skills that can quickly place you into a new category of professionalism. By the way, except for green screen, Filmora Video Editor can do many other things that can make your video more creative and professional, such as add music, filters, transitions, Credits, etc.


The best way to learn green screen recording and use green screen effect is to start practicing. If you have had a lot of fun creating and using green screen effects, share your story on the comments below.

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