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FLV Video Converter - Convert FLV Videos and Vice Versa

Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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Part 1 What is FLV

FLV stands for Flash Video. It is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet. But it requires a plug-in (Adobe Flash Player) to play in web browsers.

Being one of the most widely used video formats nowadays, many popular players can play FLV files: Windows Media Player, VLC media player, QuickTime, and many other players that based on FFmpeg. However, there are few portable devices can play FLV video, unless you download a third-party player.

For your convenience, it would be a good choice to use a FLV video converter to solve the problem. The advantages are listed as below.

  • Once you convert a FLV file to other formats (like MP4), you can play the video on any devices without installing a third-party player.

  • If you share FLV videos with your friends, it is likely that their devices can't play this format. By using a converter, there is no need to worry about it.

So, how to convert FLV to other formats? Here are some tips for you. We also offer the tips on converting the other way around.

Part 2 How to Convert FLV to Other Formats

Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent converter which is compatible with 150+ different formats. It offers you multiple output options. With this program, it is easy to convert FLV to MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV and many other formats. See how to perform it below.

Video Converter Ultimate – An Excellent FLV Video Converter

With this program, it is very easy to convert FLV to other formats. Try the free trial version to see how good it is.

Step 1. Add FLV Files

After installation, launch the program. "Add Files" icon is on the upper-left corner. Click it to add your FLV video files. Or you can drag FLV files to the interface directly.

 Add Files
Step 2. Select Output Format

"Output Format" tab is on the right part of the interface where you can find MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI and many other formats. Now select the format you want.

Convert Video to Any Format
Step 3. Specify the Video Settings

"Settings" icon is on the bottom of the interface. Here you can set the channel, sample rate, bit rate of your audio and video.

Video Settings

In addition, you can preset output quality, there are two options for you: high quality and small size.

Preset Quality MP4
Step 4. Start to Convert FLV Files

Specify the output folder at the bottom of the main interface (this step is optional). After you finish setting the details of the video, then click "Convert" to start conversion.

Choose Output Folder  

Part 3 How to Convert Any Format to FLV

For some reasons, you might need to convert other formats to FLV. For example, you might want to convert WebM, OGG to FLV. With Video Converter Ultimate, you can achieve that by a few simple steps. Now let's take a look at how to convert other formats to FLV.

Step 1. Upload your Files

Click on the "Add Files" to upload your videos. Or just directly drag the video files to this program.

 Add Files
Step 2. Select FLV as Your Output Format

Press "Output Format", you will see the format drop-down list. Then choose "Video" tab. In this category, you can easily find "FLV" format. Then choose "FLV" as your output format. Basically follow this: "Output Format" > "Format" > "Video" > "FLV".

Convert Video to Any Format
Step 3. Start Conversion

Before you start to convert, you can choose the output folder. Press "Convert" button to start conversion. You can pause or restart the process at any time you want.

Choose Output Folder

Here is all you need to know to convert FLV to other formats and vice versa. By using Video Converter Ultimate, a professional FLV video converter, it just takes a few steps to deal with the conversion between FLV and other formats. As a bonus, the software comes with a user-friendly design, stability, as well as high-efficiency. Now download Video Converter Ultimate and find out more.

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