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How to Customize the DVD Menu with DVD Menu Creator

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

Karolina Miller is an editor for VC Studio. From video/audio downloading to DVD creating and converting, she knows them all. And she likes sharing her thought and solution about multimedia.

If you like to use DVD to record and preserve your home life memory and happy time, you might search the question we are going to talk about today: How to customize your DVD menu. You should know a unique and beautiful DVD menu can make your DVD creation more awesome and professional. However, some free DVD author tools such as DVD Styler and DVD Flick don't offer so many personalized features to design your own DVD menus.

So how to make custom DVD menus effortlessly? Today we would like to recommend a great DVD menu creator which is called Wondershare DVD Creator to you. It not only offers 40 free DVD menu templates in different styles but also makes it easy to create template-based DVD menus. You can customize DVD menu with your favorite music, special text, frame and button of your DVD menu when you create your own DVD video. With DVD Creator, you can easily personalize your DVDs with amazing DVD menus. Now read more and see how to create DVD menu with few steps.

DVD Creator – The Best DVD Menu Creator

DVD Creator is a comprehensive DVD burner which allows you to create stylish DVD menus with lots of fabulous DVD templates.


How to Create a Custom DVD Menu with DVD Creator

Step 1. Import you Videos to Program

First open the DVD Creator on your computer, then click the "Import" button to add the videos and photos you want to add to your DVD creation. Here if you like, you can edit the videos/photos by clicking the "Pencil" icon.

Import you Videos to Program

Step 2. Customize DVD Menu

Now move to the "Menu" tab. You can see a clear window where you can choose a DVD menu template and customize the text, frame and button. If necessary, you can download more templates from the web page by clicking the green download icon.

Customize DVD Menu

To further customization, click the little icons on the bottom of main interface to customize the text, background, background music, thumbnail and chapters.

Further Customization

Background: You can either use the frame of the video or choose an image from your computer and then set as the background picture

Background Music: For background music, you can choose your favorite songs and set the fade in and fade out effects. You can also use the build-in trimmer to crop music and adjust music volume to get the best effect.

Thumbnails: The same as the background, you can use the frame of a video or your favorite image as the thumbnail.

Step 3. Burn your Video to DVD

After you finished the customization, you can go to "Preview" tab to check out your DVD menu. If you are not satisfied with it, go to "Menu" to modify it until it goes right. If it's OK, you can insert your blank DVD to computer and go to "Burn" tab to burn your home video to DVD discs.

Burn your Video to DVD

Till now, all the steps are easy to operate. And you are able to add all the things you like to you DVD menu to personalize your home DVD movies. After few clicks, you can make a wonderful and custom DVD menu. Just download the DVD Creator to make your DVDs more amazing!


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