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How to Download YouTube Video with Safari

Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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It is tricky to download videos on YouTube when you are using Safari. If you search for some tips on Google about how to directly download YouTube videos via Safari, you would also find out that those tips are too complicated to follow. So, is it possible to get it done in an easier way? The answer is yes.

By using a professional video downloader like AllMyTube, it is easy to access and download any videos from YouTube with Safari. Rather than trying so hard to find the hidden "Download" button everywhere, it is much easier to download the videos with AllMyTube. Besides, you can save the videos in different formats, like MP4, MKV, MOV and so on.

AllMyTube - Safari Video Downloader

With AllMyTube, you can easily download any video from over 1,000 websites with different web browsers. Check out the free trial version below.


How to Download YouTube Video with Safari

Step 1. Launch AllMyTube

Download AllMyTube and install it in your Mac. You can see the interface below. You can easily find the "Paste URL" button on the upper-left of the interface.

AllMyTube Main Mac
Step 2. Download YouTube Video

Way 1. Download YouTube Video on Safari with AllMyTube Plug-in

The easiest way to download YouTube video is using the plug-in. First of all, you need to make sure that you install the plug-in before downloading video on Safari. Go for "Settings" > "Extensions", then install the Safari extension.

Tips: As you can see in the "Extensions" window, Google and Firefox also support the plug-in.

Install AllMyTube Plug in Mac

Now you can open Safari, and find the video you want to download. By simply clicking the "Download" button on Safari, you can easily download the video with AllMyTube.

AllMyTube Download Plug in Safari

Way 2. Paste the YouTube Video Link to AllMyTube

Now launch your Safari and find the videos you want on YouTube. Then you should copy the URL. After that, go back to AllMyTube and click the "Paste URL" button. Now AllMyTube will automatically get access to the videos and start to download them. The downloading process can be seen on the interface.

AllMyTube Downloading Mac

Tips: AllMyTube also supports batch downloading which means you are able to download multiple videos in the same time. Just copy and paste the URL to the program, AllMyTube will finish the mission as fast as possible. Trail version only support downloading one video at a time.

Step 3. Convert Downloaded Video to Other Formats (Optional)

If you need to convert the downloaded videos to other formats like MP4, WMV, AVI and so on, you can achieve that in 2 ways.

1.You can click on the "Download then Convert" button (which is on the upper-right corner of the interface) before you start downloading videos. Then AllMyTube will automatically download and convert the videos to the format you choose.

AllMyTube Choose Video Format Mac

2.Firstly, you download the videos and save them in your Mac. And then go to "Downloaded" tab and find the videos you want to convert. Now click on "Convert" button to start the conversion. When you finish the conversion, the white "Convert" button will be changed to a green "Converted" button.

AllMyTube Convert Video Mac
Step 4. Find the Video Files in Your PC

Now you successfully download/convert videos and save them in your PC. Click the small "Search" button to open the output folder.

AllMyTube Open Folder Mac

AllMyTube specializes in downloading videos from different websites, like YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion and so on. Usually, you have to use different video downloaders for different websites and browsers which might be a burden to your PC. Luckily, AllMyTube can avoid this kind of trouble. More importantly, it is stable and works in high speed. Now download it below and try for it.


Bonus - Download YouTube Video via VidPaw

The method mentioned here to download YouTube is via online downloader - VipPaw.com It is totally free and you don't need to install software on your computer. What's more, with Safari, you can open it easily and download every YouTube video you want. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Go to Safari and open YouTube, find the video you want watch offline and copy the link.

Step 2. Open VipPaw.com and paste the link in the box next to button of "Start".

Open VidPaw Website

Step 3. Click "Start" and YouTube video will be downloaded automatically.

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