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The Easiest Way to Download Vimeo Videos

Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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Vimeo is a video-sharing website which support high-definition video. Everyone can upload HD videos to the website after paying the service, so there would be a lot of unique videos that you may not find inother websites. However, downloading would be a little tricky, especially if you are not registered. Sometimes it's even hard to find the "Download" button.

Here we are going to offer you some tips on how to download videos from Vimeo easily. A handy software - AllMyTube specializes in downloading videos from different websites, including Vimeo. It enables you to access video resources from 10,000+ sites. Better yet, it supports downloading HD video, which is a perfect tool for HD video website, like Vimeo. Now let's take a look at how to perform this program.

AllMyTube - Vimeo video downloader

AllMyTube is a powerful software, which can download videos from 10,000+ websites. Download the trial version below.


How to Download Vimeo Video

There are 2 methods for you.

Method 1. Download Vimeo Video With AllMyTube

Step1. Open AllMyTube

Run the program as you can see below.

AllMyTube Main

Step 2.Paste the Video URL to AllMyTube

Find the video you like on Vimeo, and then copy the URL.

Back to AllMyTube and click the "Paste URL" button. AllMyTube will automatically connect to the website and start to download in a very short time.

AllMyTube Add URL

You can find the downloaded video in "Finished".

Tips: AllMyTube also support converting downloaded videos to other formats. As you can easily find the "convert" button on the video bar.

Task Schedule
Method 2. Download Viemo Video With AllMyTube Plug-in

Step 1. Launch AllMyTube

Simply open this software, you can see the main interface.

Step 2. Find and Click the Download Button on The Website

Go back to the Vimeo, you can easily find the "Download" button on the right top of the video.Click "Download" button and start to download the video.

Download Viemo Video

AllMyTube comes with a plug-in, which is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. If the "Download" didn't show up, follow few steps:

"Main Menu" > "Preferences" > "Browser Plugin" > "Repair". Then problem solved.

Browser Plug In Repair

More Tips: Transfer Vimeo Videos to Your Mobile Phone (Optional)

AllMyTube also supports transferring videos to mobile phone via "Wi-Fi Transfer".

Wi-Fi Transfer

Before you start to transfer, you are required to install a corresponding software on your phone. Launch the player on your phone, click the "WiFi Transfer" tab, then you can scan the code to get connected to your PC. Choose the files you want to transfer, then AllMyTube will automatically do that for you.

WiFi Transfer Mobile

You can sit down and enjoy the videos on your phone when it's all done.

Clean interface, clear instruction, no ads, these are the advantages that AllMyTube has. Besides Viemo, AllMyTube can download video from 10,000+ video-sharing websites, like YouTube, Dailymotion, Break, Metacafe, etc. It is also capable of converting video to different formats for PC and mobile devices. In addition, if you want to enjoy video on your mobile phone, it can also help you to transfer, which may save you a lot of trouble.

If you are interested in AllMyTube, please download here.


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