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How to Download Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing

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Rumors are swirling around the streaming service that Netflix may let you download movies and show for offline viewing. But when exactly that feature may be available? No one knows for sure.

So far Netflix only streams its shows and movies and there's no download option, so there's no way to watch its videos when you're offline. This could be a great disappointment for those who travel often or live in an area that don't have good internet connection.

Therefore, an online video downloader like AllMyTube is definitely an attractive option for those who want to download Netflix movies to watch offline. With the help of this Netflix downloader, you are able to get Netflix movies and TV shows by recording the shows directly. Aside from downloading Netflix shows, this program supports downloading video from Nico Video, BBC, NBC, YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, etc. Now let's run down and see how to download and watch Netflix movie offline.

Part 1 How to Use AllMyTube to Download Netflix Movies

AllMyTube – Your Best Netflix Downloader

You can use AllMyTube to easily download movies and TV shows from Netflix to computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, LG, etc.

Step 1. Launch AllMyTube on PC

Download and install the Netflix video downloader. After that, launch the program and click on "Download" > "Record Video" tab from the main interface as below. You will see a recording window show up with a Red button at the upper left corner of the window. You are able to adjust the recording window as full-screen size or small-window size

Run AllMyTube on PC

Step 2. Download Netflix videos by recording

Now go to Netflix and play the video you would like to record, after that click on "REC" button to start recording. When you finished recording, click on "Esc" to stop capturing. You can locate your recordings in the "Finished" section.

Download Netflix Video

Note: Please make sure that the Netflix video is playing visibly and smoothly during the recording.

Step 3. Convert Netflix videos to other formats

When you finished downloading movies from Netflix, you can use AllMyTube to convert the videos to any format you like including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, etc. Or you can directly stream your Netflix video into your Smart TVs, Android or iOS devices.

Convert Nico Video

Part 2 Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hulu Plus: How Do They Compare?

1. Price Comparison
  • Netflix costs $7.99 monthly for the basic package which allows you to watch on 1 screen at a time. Add $2 for 2 screens at once, and $2 more for 4 screens.

  • Amazon Prime charges $99 per year for a membership (which equals $8.25 per month). But you will get additional benefits including free two-day shipping for purchases made on Amazon.com.

  • Hulu Plus – $5.99/month for your 1st year with limited commercials, $7.99/month thereafter. If you want no commercials, you'll pay $11.99 per month.

2. Movie/TV Show Selection
  • Netflix has the most extensive selections. It has licensing deals with CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, Starz, BBC, Sony, and DreamWorks, all of which contribute titles to the library.

  • Amazon Prime has plenty of the same titles as Netflix and Hulu Plus, but since it’s still pretty new, the library isn't yet as extensive. Still, it shows many movies released within the past year, similar to Netflix.

  • Hulu Plus has its own licensing deals to provide content from Fox, NBC, Disney, MTV, and a bevy of cable channels. It also updates its library more frequently than its competitors, which means you get to see the latest episodes of your favorite shows faster than you would if you were using Netflix. This makes Hulu Plus a great alternative to cable.

3.Free Trial Comparison
  • Netflix offers a fairly liberal 30-day free trial. You need to register with Netflix and enter your credit card information. Then if you don't cancel before your trial expires you'll be charged for one month of service.

  • Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day Prime trial. You'll have to give them your credit card info to start your trial. Besides, they give you the handy option of selecting "Do Not Upgrade" which means your trial will automatically end after 30 days.

  • Hulu Plus offers a skimpy 1-week trial period and be careful as you'll be charged for a full month if you don't cancel before your week is up.

Without a doubt, choosing a service is simple once you have sufficient knowledge as to what each media service provides. So which streaming service are you going to sign-up for? If you have no interests in watching videos online with these services, you can use AllMyTube to download the video you like from Netflix, Prim Video or Hulu Plus and watch them offline. The choice is yours!

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