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How to Convert MP3 to M4R

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If you want to replace your ringtone from time to time, the defaulted ringtones in your iPhone 7/6s/6 might leave you very limited choices, which might be a little disappointed. So, how to make a custom ringtone?

As an iPhone user, you should know that MP3 can't be directly set as a ringtone. Therefore, you are supposed to convert MP3 to M4R so that you can successfully make a ringtone.

A professional converter would be very helpful in this circumstance. Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful software that could help you to convert MP3 to M4R. Compatible with 150+ formats, it also supports converting MP3 to many other formats, as well as converting other formats to M4R. Better yet, it is easy to learn with its user-friendly interface. You can see how to perform it as below.

Video Converter Ultimate – MP3 to M4R converter

Video Converter Ultimate might be the best tool to convert MP3 to M4R. Download the free trial version below.


Part 1 Convert MP3 to M4R as Ringtones

Step 1. Add Files

Open Video Converter Ultimate, click "Add Files" on the left top of the interface to add MP3 files.

 Add Files
Step 2. Choose Output Format

You can select output format on the right drop-down menu. Click the "Output Format" > "Format" then choose M4R.

Choose Audio Format
Step 3. Preset Output Details

Find the "Settings" button above the big blue "Convert" button, so that you can set the details of the video, including encoder, channel, sample rate, and bit rate.

Audio Settings
Step 4. Start Conversion

Click "Convert" button to start conversion. You can cancel it anytime and start over again if you made a mistake. After it finishes conversion, add it to iTunes, and then sync to it iPhone, so that you can set it as your ringtones.

Converting Audio

Here are the few steps you need to complete to convert MP3 to M4R. Being a professional converter, Video Converter Ultimate is compatible with 150+ different formats (both audio formats and video formats), like MOV, WMV, 4K, 3D, H.265, MP4, AVI, FLV, MP3 and so on. With Video Converter Ultimate, it is an easy job to convert your audio/video files to any other formats. Download the free trial version below to find out more.


Part 2 MP3 VS M4R: What You Need to Know

MP3 is a lossy audio format which removes the information that your ear doesn't notice thereby making the file smaller. By reducing file size, it enables you to transfer MP3 files in a short time and burn hundreds of songs on to a CD/DVD. In addition, a lossy files like MP3 can travel over the Internet at a reasonable speed, which enables users to download MP3 smoothly and quickly. Developed by Moving Picture Experts Group, MP3 files are compatible with almost all kinds of players. With these features, MP3 become one of the most popular audio formats nowadays.

Developed by Apple, M4R is an iPhone ringtone file, which can be created and transferred to an iPhone in order to make custom ringtone sounds. In fact, M4R files are M4A files that have been renamed to M4R. The difference only to distinguish their purposes. M4R files can be opened with Apple's iTunes program and some other media players since they are not encrypted files. However, not all iTunes Music Store songs can be used to create M4R ringtones. Maybe you're not looking to convert an M4R file to another format, instead, you would like to convert MP3 format to M4R format so that you can use the file as a ringtone.

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