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How to Convert GoPro CineForm Video to Other Formats

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Once you've finished shooting video with your GoPro camera, your job is not yet to be done. You might still need some extra polish for your footage before sharing it to your friends or family. If you're using GoPro Studio to edit your footage, you can export them in either the H264 or GroPro CineForm MOV files. But you should note that GoPro's own CineForm codec comes with huge file size and it's not particularly good for sharing on the web. That's why you should convert the file into specific format like MP4, FLV, etc. which are easy for playing on other system and sharing on the Internet.

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How to Convert GoPro CineForm Video to Other Formats

Note: The GoPro CineForm media is most commonly wrapped within AVI or MOV files types. And if you go try to play the file but find that you can't open it, you can fix it by installing the GoPro CineForm codecs.

Step 1. Run Video Converter Ultimate on PC

Launch the program on computer after installation, then click on "Add Files" to import GoPro CineForm video to the program.

Run Video Converter Ultimate on PC

Step 2. Select Output format

Go to "Output Format" on the right side of the interface, then select "Format" > "Video" and you will see a list of video formats available. Choose "MP4" as an example.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Edit video before converting

This is an optional step for those who want to enhance their video with powerful tools and effects. You can start editing by clicking on the "Edit" button. You can trim the video clip, add watermark, rotate your video, combine video clips, etc.

Edit Video

Step 4. Convert GoPro CineForm video

Click on "Convert" button at the bottom left corner of the interface to start converting GoPro CineForm video to MP4. And the conversion should be finished within minutes.

Convert GoPro CineForm Video

That's all about converting GoPro CineForm video to MP4 and if you guys still get confused of how this process work, you can tell us in the comment below. Hope this helps!

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