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How to Combine Several Videos into One

Catrina Jones
Catrina Jones

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One cool thing I found out about Google Photos is that it allows us to merge video clips magically. This feature will save lots of efforts for those who want to make special slideshow or movies easily with their photo/videos. But one limitation of this feature is that you are not able to add music or filter into the video by your own. All effects are added randomly. If you wish to stich multiple videos together with more available editing options, you will need to use tools like Video Converter Ultimate or Video Editor to merge videos for you.

Method 1 How to Combine Videos with Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate – Combine Several Videos into One

Using Video Converter Ultimate, you can edit or merge videos into one long video file quickly and easily. Go download and try the trial version now!


Video Converter Ultimate comes in handy when you want to join various video files together. Besides putting two or more videos together, you are able to edit video clip with editing function like trimming, cropping, adding watermark/subtitle, etc. Additionally, it lets you convert video to 159 formats including MP4, MOV, 4K, MP3, AC3, etc.

Step 1. Add files to Video Converter Ultimate

Launch the program on computer, and then click on "Add Files" to add video from your computer. You are able to change the combining order of your videos by dragging the selected item up and down respectively.

Add Videos to Video Converter Ultimate

Step 2. Edit videos with basic editing function

Now choose a video to edit by click on the "Edit" button. Then you will see the editing options at the upper-right corner. You are able to add effects/watermark/subtitle into your video easily. Once you select a specific effect, it lets your preview the result immediately.

Edit Videos

Step 3. Choose output settings

Select output format: Go to Output Format > Format > Video, and then select a video format from the list.

Select output folder: Got to Output Folder, and then select a destination folder.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Merge all videos into one file

Now combine two videos into one by selecting the "Merge all videos into one file" button. After that, go to "Convert" to start combining two videos. When the task is done successfully, go to "Open Folder" to watch your combined video.

Merge All Videos

Method 2 How to Merge Videos with Video Editor

Video Editor – Merge Video Files with Advanced Features

Video Editor allows you to join multiple videos together and help you make creative and beautiful movies as you want.


What can Video Editor do for you? It's a well-developed program for beginners and professional users because it's packed with two editing modes: basic editing mode for beginners and advanced editing mode for professional users. What's more, a variety of effects and transitions are available to be used in video editing. Now read on and find out more!

Note: To help you edit and merge videos with advanced features, please select "FULL FEATURE MODE" at the very beginning.

Step 1. Import videos from PC/camera/phone

Go to "IMPORT" > "Import Media Files" to add videos file from computer or other sources.

Import File

Step 2. Add videos to project

Now select the videos you want to edit and click on "Add to Project" one by one. Then you will see the items you selected appear in the timeline as below. You are able to exchange the video order by selecting and dragging it from left to right.

Add Videos to Project

Step 3. Edit videos with full features

Now you are able to add music, text, filters, overlays or transitions to videos. This program provides you with a bunch of free and amazing templates. You can click on them one by one to take a preview. Plus, you are able to add transition between each video so as to make them look more natural when playing them as one. To add transitions between videos, you need to select the transition template you like > drag it to the timeline > place it in the middle of two video files.

Edit Videos

Step 4. Combine videos with one-click

When you finish editing the videos clips, then go to "Expor". An output window will pop up and let you choose output format and output destination. Aside from saving the combined video directly to computer, you are able to upload and share your videos to YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo or burn it to DVD.

Save Ringtones

That's all about how to merge videos. Both Video Converter Ultimate and Video Editor are easy-to-handle and I'm sure that you'll find it helpful in not just video combining but also in video editing and video conversion. Now that you've created your video successfully, share it to your friend via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or more!

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