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How to Burn MP4 to DVD

Elaine Keith
Elaine Keith

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As we know, MP4 is one of the most widely-used formats nowadays, which is compatible with almost all kinds of devices. In addition, many of the videos you downloaded from websites are MP4 files. Therefore, it is common that you have MP4 files on your PC. But if you are not satisfied with playing MP4 files in your PC only, you can play them on DVD players. In this case, you need to burn MP4 to DVD with a DVD burner.

This tutorial will show you how to use a DVD burner to achieve what you want. Here are 2 methods below.

Method 1 Burn MP4 Files to DVD with DVD Creator

DVD Creator, a professional DVD burning software, is created to handle all kinds of DVD profiles. It is definitely a good choice for you to burn MP4 to DVD. With its easy-to-use design, you will get to know how to use this burner in a short time.

DVD Creator –The Best MP4 Burner

DVD creator specializes in creating DVD discs, which is absolutely a good tool for you to burn MP4 to DVD. Download the program here.

Step 1. Launch Program

Launch the program after you’ve installed it successfully. Here is the interface below. Now click "Create a DVD Video disc" to activate the burner.

 Create Blu-ray Discs
Step 2. Add MP4 Files

Click the blue round button at the upper-left corner of the interface, then a drop-down button will show up. Click "Add Files" to add your MP4 files.

DVD Creator Add Files
Step 3. Edit Video Files (Optional)

Before you start to burn your MP4 video to DVD, you can edit the video. Click the small square button (with a pen in it), then a pop-up editing window will show up.

Add Files to Blu-ray

In this window, you can enhance, trim, add watermark, add subtitle to express your creativity.

DVD Creator Video Edit
Step 4. Burn MP4 Video to DVD

Click "Burn" tab, now you need to specify the parameter of your video, including encoder, resolution, frame rate and so on. Then, just press "Burn" to burn your MP4 files to DVD.

Burn Video to Blu-ray

DVD Creator can be a good program for you to burn MP4 files to DVD. It can not only create a DVD disc, but also a Blu-ray disc. In addition, it comes with various tools of video editing. Now download the software and have a try.

Method 2 Burn your MP4 files With Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate, an excellent converter, also works perfectly as a MP4 video burner. It comes with some basic editing tools which enable you to polish your video before burning.

Video Converter Ultimate - An Excellent MP4 Burner

Being an all-round software, Video Converter Ultimate can burn MP4 to DVD with high efficiency. Download and have a try. It won’t let you down.

Step 1. Launch the Program

After installing Video Converter Ultimate, launch the program. Here is the interface below. Then put the DVD disc into to DVD slot of your computer. After that, click "Burn" to activate the burner.

 Choose Burn Tab
Step 2. Add Files

Now click "Add Files" to add the MP4 files to the program, or drag the media files to the interface directly.

 Add Files
Step 3. Preset the Details of MP4 Video

Before you start to burn MP4 videos to DVD, you are able to edit them. Click "Edit" to activate the simple editing tool, it allows you to trim, adjust, add subtitles and so on.

Edit Button

Moreover, you are able to preset the parameter of your video in "Burn Settings". Here you can determine the video output quality, aspect ratio and so on.

Choose DVD Video Aspect Ratio
Step 4. Start Burning

Now click the "Burn" button on the bottom of the interface to start burning. It won’t take you too much time to get it done.

Burning DVD

Video Converter Ultimate, an all-round software, works as video converter, video burner and video downloader. It can burn MP4 to DVD with ease, and the other way around. Compatible with 150+ formats, it is an easy job to convert MP4, MOV, MKV and many other formats to DVD. Now download this program to find out how good it is.

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