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How to Blur Face in Video with Hilarious Mask


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When you upload videos to YouTube or share videos with your friends, you may don't want to show your face to people. In this case you can blur your face in the video. YouTube now offers you the option to automatically blur faces in your videos. However, usually the mosaic is monotonous. So in this post, we will first show you an easy way to blur your face in video with hilarious masks instead of the monotonous.

Part 1 How to Blur a Moving Face in Video with Mask Effect

To blur a moving face in video, Filmora Video Editor can let you do it with minimal effort. This software features a face-off function which automatically tracks the position and rotation of the face in your video. You can also automatically add a funny grimace to the detected faces in the video clips. In other words, you can replace the people's face with many fashionable masks. Can't wait to see? Follow the steps below to see how to blur face in video quickly.


Step 1. Install Filmora Video Editor on Your Computer

Download and install Filmora on your computer and then run it. When you see a pictures shown as below, choose "FULL FEATURE MODE".

Step 2. Import your Video to the Program

Click the "Import" button to browse file folder on your computer to add your video to the program. Filmora supports almost all video and audio formats. After you finish file loading, simply drag and drop the file to Video Timeline. Then, click on the video on the timeline, the "Power" tool will appear:

Import Video
Step 3. Blur Face in Video

Right click your video in timeline and select "Power Tool".

Way 1: Face-off

In the pop-up window, click the "Face Off" submenu and choose "Apply Face Off to the clip". Now you can pick up any mask you like to blur the face in your video.

Face Off

Way 2: Mosaic

Click "Power Tool" and choose "Mosaic". Tick "Add Mosaic to the clip", then click "Add". By dragging to reposition the mosaic area, you can resize it and get the results you want.

Step 4. Preview and Save the Video

When the above operations are completed, you can preview the video by hitting on the Play button, then click "OK" to save the editing and return to the main interface. Now click "Export" to output your video with face blurred. You can export your video to your computer in MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. or share it directly on YouTube, Facebook.  Better still, you can burn a DVD with your video.

Blur Face in Video

Part 2 How to Blur Your Face in a YouTube Video

YouTube allows users to blur select items in their videos such as faces or identifying information. Now let's see how to apply the feature.

Step 1. Log into your YouTube account and click "Upload". If you want to blur face on your published video, you can skip this step.

Step 2. After you've picked a video, waited for it to completely upload, and filled in any relevant title information, click Video Manager.

Step 3. Find the video on your list of YouTube videos. You'll see an "Edit" button. Click the arrow for the drop-down menu, and select "Enhancements."

Enhance YouTube Video

Step 4. At Enhancements section, click "Blurring effects". Then, click the "Apply" button next to "Blur faces" option.

Blurring Effects


Compare with blurring face directly in YouTube, I prefer to use Filmora Video Editor as it provides funny masks. It helps to make my video more vivid and attractive. Let alone Filmora Video Editor has many more useful features. It supports editing of background music tracks, text and credits, transition between clips, color corrections and filters, overlays/effects and stamps/elements. It also provides the advanced editing such as PIP, green screen, scene detection, etc.

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