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Best Video Size Reducer to Shrink File Size

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

Karolina Miller is an editor for VC Studio. From video/audio downloading to DVD creating and converting, she knows them all. And she likes sharing her thought and solution about multimedia.

Sometimes we will need to compress the video size for some reasons. For example, you should reduce your video size when you want to upload the video to websites, share it with your friends, or save storage space. Today we will recommend some free online video compressors and show you how to reduce the video size at the cost of the least quality.

Free Online Video Compressors


CloudConvert has almost all the features a nice video compressor should have. It supports a large number of video formats including MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, AVI and more. The highlight is that you can batch convert videos at the same time. This website compresses video by converting video from relatively larger file (MKV, Blu-ray, etc.) format to relatively smaller one (AVI, FLV, etc.). Moreover, this website allows you to save the file on cloud when the compression is done.

You just need to drag and drop your videos to its interface, then CloudConvert will compress the video on cloud automatically. All you have to do is to wait until the compression is over.


Clipchamp is another remarkable online video file reducer. It enables users to compress video in different formats to MP4, WebM, WMV or GIF. One of the good features of this website is that it offers different video dimensions depending on the device you are using. If you choose the fast compression speed, the quality will be moderate. But, if you go for slow compression, the video quality will be excellent.

There is no need for you to download and install any software on your computer. Just drag and drop your videos into the website's main interface. Then select the output type. Afterwards click "Convert video!" button to start online video compressing process. Two apparent disadvantages of this software are you need to register to this website and there is a quota for the videos you can compress. You can only compress five videos.


Likewise, Zamzar supports a wide range of video formats like MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MKV, FLV, etc. And they regular keep to adding more formats in their list. But the common users are limited by video file size, slower compression speed, etc. To compress videos online, you will have to give your email address to receive finished files, which may cause you a little trouble.

Similarly, you can simply drag and drop the files to the main interface and choose the format from "Convert to" option. Then you should provide your e-mail address to receive your compressed video.


How to Reduce Video Size with Professional Video Compressor

The free online video compressors are remarkable, though, there are some disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. For example, because the shrinking process are mainly compressing the video by reducing the video quality so the compressed video may loss too much quality, and a network environment is required so if your network is poor the compression would take much longer then expected. Moreover, the inevitable ads may be annoying because of the "free of charge" feature, and normally user can only upload video file of maximum size 50M once.

Therefore, you will need a professional video size reducer to help you reduce the video size but cause as least quality loss as possible. Video Converter Ultimate is a professional video reducer that can provide you more choices than just compressing at the cost of video quality. You can cut the extra clips of the video to reduce the video size, so you don't have to sacrifice the video quality. You can also choose to convert the video into a relatively smaller video format such as MKV to MP4 or convert into a relatively lower definition such as 1080P to 720P, which will also cause video loss but the scale is under control. Another important factor is you won't be bothered by endless advertisements using Video Converter Ultimate. Below is a tutorial showing you how to compress video causing as less quality loss as possible.

Step 1. Download and install Video Converter Ultimate then launch the software.

Video Converter Ultimate: A Professional MP4 to WMV Converter

Video Converter Ultimate provides you a stable and fast conversion, it only takes a few minutes to convert MP4 videos to WMV, MKV to MOV, etc.


Step 2. Click "Add Files" to open file browser and select the video you want to compress.

Step 3. Click the "Edit" icon at the end of the video and you can trim the video on the following window. By trimming the video and get rid of the extra clips you can reduce the video size.

Alternatively, you can click the setting icon to open the setting window. You can reduce the video size by modifying its output resolution on the setting window.


Besides, you can also change other parameters like bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio to reduce the video format. This method will cause inevitably some quality loss, but it is all under your control. Therefore, it is far better than online compressor.

Change Output Parameters

Step 4. You can click "Convert" to start the compression after you ensure all the settings are done. Now you can get some rest while the automatic compression ongoing. After the compression is over, the relatively smaller video will be saved into the output file.

Online compression websites do provide users a convenient way to reduce video size, though. But the compressing process will cause too much quality loss. And the endless ads are also a problem you can avoid. Otherwise, Using Video Converter Ultimate to compress videos enables you to reduce the video size in a professional way. You will be able to shrink the video size at the cost of minimum quality loss by trimming the extra clips of the video, changing the resolution into lower level or converting the video into a relatively smaller video format.  

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