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Audacity Noise Reduction – A Quick & Easy Guide to Get Rid of Unwanted Noise

Catrina Jones
Catrina Jones

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Having unwanted noise in the background like people talking, doors slamming, noise from cars driving down the street, a bird squawking or the hum of fluorescent lighting, etc. can downgrade the audio quality. It can be very distracting and cause you to turn away from your music, recording or podcast. But not to worry, Audacity has a decent way of getting rid of that unwanted noises. Today, we are going to go over some basic Audacity noise reduction settings that will help you reduce the unwanted noise.

Audacity is a free piece of program created and maintained by a community of programmers and audio experts. It supports a wide range of audio formats and it is designed with a built-in nose removal tool. Here is how to do noise removal in audacity.

How to Do Noise Reduction in Audacity

Step 1. Download Audacity

You can start by downloading and installing Audacity on your computer. After that, launch this program and open up your audios or recordings in Audacity.

Step 2. Find Background Noise with Audacity

After importing the audio track into Audacity, you will see two tracks in the center panel. The second track with a thick center line is actually the one with noise. To split noise from the audio, you can tap on the disclosure triangle next to the track name and select Split Stereo Track.

Find Background Noise with Audacity

Now you will see two mono tracks, select the second track which is with the noise.

Select Background Noise with Audacity

Step 3. Select "Noise Reduction" Feature

With the audio selected, open the "Effects" and select "Noise Reduction" feature. You will see a dialogue box with a two-step tool. First, head to Step 1 and click the Get Noise Profile button.

Noise Reduction

Then the Noise Reduction box will be closed. After that, select the audio track that you wish to remove the noise from. Simple left-click the track header to select the entire track.

Noise Reduction

Now return to "Effects" > "Noise Reduction" and go to Step 2. You can adjust the noise reduction, sensitivity and frequency smoothing settings to reduce the noise from audio. If you finished adjusting, go ahead and click "OK" to let the Audacity noise reduction to be applied.

Click on OK

Once this done, you can see that the center line of the audio track becomes thinner, indicating that the noise is gone. If you are satisfied with the result, then hit "File" > "Save" to retain the change.

How to Remove Noise with Audacity Alternative – Filmora Video Editor

Like Audacity, Filmora Video Editor is capable of removing the background noise from audio. If you would like to remove background noise from both audio and video, then the program is perfect for you. It can help you detach the audio from the video easy and export your audio as noise-free MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, etc.

Video Editor – Audacity Alternative for Noise Removal

Video Editor comes with a built-in "Audio Denoise" function that allows you to remove background noise without damaging the original audio quality.


1. Launch the Video Editor and import your audio/video to the program. Now add your audio/video into the timeline and select it, right-click and select "Audio Detach". Then the audio will be separated from the video.

Video Editor Denoise

2. Now double click on the audio track and you will see an audio editing panel pop up. Now go to "Denoise" and select "Remove background noise", and then you can select the level of noise removal from three options: Weak, Mid and Strong. Click on "OK" when you finished.

Video Editor Denoise

The background noise will be removed successfully. You can export the audio/video without background noise at any format you like.

So how did these two method work for you? Do you prefer Audacity noise reduction or noise removal with Video Editor? If you run into any problems when filtering nose from your audio with Audacity or Video Editor, feel free to tell us in the comments.

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