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How to Record and Add a Voice-over to Your Video

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

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A voice-over might be a perfect effect to add to your video. It can help set the mood and tone of the video. It can share information with the viewer. It can answer the important questions about video such as who, what, when, where and why. More like a travel guide, the voice-over will show video story development, the meaning of every frame and the important things you need pay attention to. So we always need to a good tool to record high quality voice-over to our video.

Here we will recommend a powerful tool – Video Editor to you. This easy-to-use video editing software provides basic video editing, audio editing and advanced effects to make your video amazing without professional skill. With the audio editing function, you can easily record and add voiceover to your video. Besides, you can add background music, overlay music, set up the fade in and fade out duration, remove the audio from video and so on.

Video Editor - Record voiceover to ignite your video

Video Editor enables you to record and add voiceover to video by yourself, you can record anything you want to say to express your creativity.


How to Record and Add a Voice-over to Video

Step 1: Select the Full Featured Mode

Open the program. It comes with two mode: Easy Mode and Full Featured Mode. To record the voice-over, you need to select the Full Featured Mode first.

Select Full Featured Mode

Step 2: Add the Video Files

The Full Featured Mode interface comes with three parts which are Main Navigation, Preview window and Timeline. In the Main Navigation, find and click "Import" to add your video file or directly drag it to this program. You can also add multiple files into the windows, they will be displayed as thumbnail. After that, you can drag the videos which you want to add voiceover to the video timeline.

Main Interface of Full Featured Mode

Step 3: Record and add voice-over

Click the "Record" button next to the "Import" in the Main Navigation and select "Record a voiceover". It will bring up a "Record Audio" window. Press the microphone icon and then there are 3 seconds of countdown for preparing recording. When finished, click "OK" and then the voiceover clip will appear on the audio timeline. Now you can adjust the voiceover to the proper position to fit your video.

Record Voiceover

Recording Window

If you need to add another separate voiceover to other position, you can drag the time indicator to the position you want to add voiceover. In addition, double click the record and then it will pop up an editing window which supports you to adjust the speed, volume, fade in and fade out and so on.

Audio Effect Editing

Step 4: Create video with your own voiceover

Find and click "Export" button on the task bar. In the pop-up output format window, select the output format and change other video settings. Once completed, click "Export" to create your new video.

Export your Video

Adding voiceover to video will make your videos more attractive and stunning. And one of the best way to achieve that is using Video Editor to record and edit by yourself. If it is helpful to you, please help us to share it to your friend.


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