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Three Ways to Add Subtitles to YouTube Video Easily


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Videos had great demand in the advertising and marketing today. Many people love to share their videos on YouTube. You can easily record or create a video, but how to add subtitles to YouTube videos for sharing with others from all over the world?

The subtitles can greatly help people to understand what you are introducing in your videos. People who can't speak the video's language can't get the full benefit of your video, and almost certainly wouldn't watch it without subtitles. Thus, adding subtitles to YouTube video seems pretty necessary to expand your video's visibility across the globe.

Next, we introduce you 3 easy ways to put subtitles to a YouTube video.

Method 1 Add Subtitles to YouTube Video on YouTube

Step 1. Go to the YouTube Video Manage. Then, find the video you want to add subtitles to. Click the drop-down menu next to the "Edit" button and click "Subtitles and CC."

Select Subtitles and CC

Step 2. In the drop-down menu, click "Select language" and choose the primary spoken language.

Select Subtitle Language

Step 3. Click "Add new subtitles or CC". Choose the language for the subtitles or closed captions. (Use the search bar to find languages that don't automatically appear)

Add New Subtitles or CC

Step 4. Choose how you want to add or edit subtitles or closed captions to your video: "Upload a File", "Create new subtitles or CC", "Transcribe and auto-sync".

Add Subtitles to YouTube Video

Method 2 Edit and Add Subtitles to YouTube Video

If you not only want to add subtitles to YouTube video, but also want to edit the subtitles, Filmora Video Editor is a great helper. This program features Timeline based video editing, and provides rich resources for you to choose from and further customize it. With it, you can create personalized subtitles to add to your video that will impress everyone. Below I'll show how to do it step by step.


Step 1. Import your source video

Launch this program, and then select "16:9" or "4:3" to create a new project. After that, click "Import" or drag and drop your videos directly to its primary window. Then, drag and drop them to the Video Timeline.

Import Source Video

Step 2. Add subtitles to video

Go to the "Text/Credit" tab above the Timeline and the click "SUBTITLE". Pick up a template you prefer to apply in your video and double click to add it to the Timeline. It will show as "T" icon on the Text Timeline, you can drag it to any place in your video.

Add Subtitles to Video

Double click on "T" icon to access the edit area, then design your own texts, change the font, color, style, animation, and more.

Edit Subtitles

Step 3. Output your video with subtitles

When you finish subtitles editing, simply click "Export" to save creation. In the output window, you can select a popular output format like Mp4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. You can also pick up a configured format for your specific device, or burn it to DVD for playback on any standard DVD player or TV. Better yet, you can directly upload it to YouTube.

Export Video with Subtitles      

Method 3 Add Downloaded Subtitles to YouTube Video

If you have downloaded the subtitles from the popular sites like Moviesubtitles.org, subscene.com, subtitles.hr, etc. you can directly add the subtitle to your YouTube video with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. This tool can help you easily add external SRT subtitles to YouTube MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, AVI, MKV, SWF and more with high quality. It can also add SRT/SSA/AAS subtitles to your favorite movies so that you can enjoy the foreign-language films without any limits.


Step 1. Import your video

Launch the program and import the video you want to upload to YouTube by dragging video to the primary windows, or by clicking "Add Files" button to add movie files from a browser window.

Add Media Files

Step 2. Add Subtitles to YouTube video

Click "Edit" button on the imported video to bring up the video editing window. Go to "Subtitle" tab at the top and click the "+" button to import external subtitle files (.srt, .ssa, .ass) .

After the subtitle is loaded, you can preview it to the left preview windows with the default style. By checking the option "T", you can change the subtitle style by font, color, size, position, transparency, etc.

If everything goes well, click "OK" button to confirm settings and close the editing window.

Note: You can also add text watermark or image watermark to your video in the video editing window.

Add Subtitles to YouTube Video

Step 3. Export videos with subtitles

On the right side of the main interface, choose the desired output format from the output format list. Here, you can choose YouTube compatible format. Finally, click "Convert" to export the video with subtitles.

Export YouTube Video with Subtitles

All these three ways are practical for adding subtitles to YouTube video. For beginners, I would recommend them to use Video Converter Ultimate to add subtitles as it is the easiest way. If you want to make special subtitles, Filmora is a good choice.

Still, many people ask, "how to add subtitles to others YouTube videos?". Currently you cannot add a subtitle/caption track to someone else's video. However, you can prepare the caption/subtitle file for the video and then share it to the author so they can add it to the video.

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