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Add Subtitles to MP4 – How to Embed Subtitles in MP4

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Elaine Keith

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About Subtitle Formats

Subtitle is one of the most important elements in movies which is always shown as the text word of the dialogue or commentary. These are some common subtitle formats: SRT, ASS, SSA, IDX, SUB and more. Among them, SRT is the most text-based.

Subtitle is very useful under certain circumstances. For instance, you can get better understanding of the foreign-language film with the help of subtitle file. Moreover, it is a smart way to learn a foreign language when watching movies with subtitles.

Way 1Embed Subtitles to Your MP4 videos

To add subtitles for your MP4 movies, we would like to recommend Video Converter Ultimate. It supports the most commonly used subtitle formats (SRT, ASS, SSA) and all regular video formats (MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, MPEG, VOB, TOD, MOD, FLV, and so on). Now follow an easy guide to put subtitles on MP4 videos.

Video Converter Ultimate - Add Subtitles to Video

With its easy-to-use built-in editor, you can embed subtitles to your MP4 videos within clicks.


Step 1. Import MP4 videos

After installing the program in your PC, run it. Now import your MP4 videos by clicking "Add Files" button or dragging videos to the primary window.

Add Files

Step 2. Add Subtitles to MP4 videos

When MP4 videos show up in the main interface, click the "Edit" button to launch the built-in video editor.

Go to "Subtitle" tab at the top. Now you can load a downloaded subtitle file to the videos. Or, you can search and download other online subtitles via the "Search subtitle" button.

Add Subtitle

By clicking the "T" option besides, you are able to customize the subtitle style through font, color, size, position, transparency, etc.

Edit Subtitle Text

When you finish adjusting your MP4 subtitles, click "OK" button to confirm settings and return to the primary window.

Step 3. Export MP4 Video

Now choose MP4 as your output format by clicking the "Output Format" option on the right side. And then hit "Convert" and wait for a while. When it is all done, the subtitles will be added permanently to the output MP4 video.

Convert Video to Any Format  

Way 2Create Your Own Subtitles with Filmora Video Editor

Do you ever want to create your own subtitles instead of downloading subtitles that are made by others? Here are the tricks you need to learn by using Filmora Video Editor.

Filmora Video Editor – Make Your Own Subtitles

Video Editor, one of the best video editing softwares, makes it pretty easy for you to edit video like a professional.

Step 1. Add MP4 files to the Program

Launch this program and choose "FULL FEATURES MODE" to get started. Then click "Import" to load your MP4 videos from file folder on your computer. Choose the MP4 videos you need to edit and then click on "Add to Project" or simply drag and drop them to the video timeline.

Add Video to Project

Step 2. Customize Subtitles

Now go to "TEXT/ CREDIT" > "SUBTITLES", and then drag your favorite template to the "Timeline".

Text Subtitles

Double click the "T" in the timeline to activate the text editor panel. Now you can type in your own text, and customize the font, color, animation, etc.

Edit Subtitles

Step 3. Export the MP4 Videos with Subtitles

When you finish editing subtitles to your video, choose MP4 as your output format and hit "Create" to export it. This software also supports sharing your creation directly onto YouTube, or burning them to a DVD disk.

Export Video to Device


We hope that these 2 easy methods to add subtitles to MP4 movie can help you. Video Converter Ultimate is excellent in converting different media formats and editing video with its user-friendly editor. While Filmora Video Editor is specialized in editing video like a professional, including to rotate, trim, cut, adjust brightness, contrast or apply background music/transitions/visual effects and more. Both of them are worth a try. Now pick one and start your journey of adding subtitles to MP4 video.

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