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How to Add Intros & Credits to Video

Catrina Jones
Catrina Jones

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Intro and credit are key elements of any film which tell the audience who is in the movie, explain the main idea and background of the movie, express thanks to the audiences/director/composer or display something else important. If you want to make a professional home-made movie, then adding intro/credit is indispensable. To help you create decent looking credit & intro, a video editing program is strongly required.

There's an amazing program call Video Editor that comes with powerful yet simple editing features that enables ordinary users to easily add intro/credit, add filters, import music, create transitions, convert video formats, etc. It allows you to expand imagination with tons of unique visual effects. All online resources provided can be downloaded directly within seconds. Once your video is made, you can share it to your family, friends and others in multiple ways such as social media platforms, iOS/Android devices or DVD burning. Check out how to add intros and credits to video now!

Video Editor – Professional Intro & Credit Maker

Whether used for adding intro/credit, or simple enhance video with funny effects, Video Editor will allow you to do it all. Download and have a try!


How to Add Intros & Credits to Video

Step 1. Select "Full Feature" mode

Download, install and launch Video Editor on PC. Select "FULL FEARURE MODE" if you see the following interface show up. Different from "Easy Mode", full feature mode offers much more editing options and visual effects. But not to worry, it's simple to handle exactly like the easy mode.

Select Full Feature Mode

Step 2. Import and add video to timeline

Now go to "Import" > "Import Media Files" to add video to the library. After that, drag and drop it to the video track in timeline.

Import and Add Video to Timeline

Step 3. Add intro and credit to video

Hit on the "Text/Credit" button above timeline. Now you can see all intro/credit templates display in the left panel in specific categories. Take a preview of your favorite options and then drag the one you like most to the beginning or the end of your video in timeline.

Add Intro and Credit to Video

Note: There are many different kinds of text/credit such as opener, credit, subtitle, special occasion, hand drawn, labels, badges, etc. Choose the one that suits your purpose best.

Step 4. Edit text on intro/credit

Select the intro/credit template added to timeline, and the hit on the "Advanced Text Edit" button above Timeline to open the edit panel. You can type any words to express your thought, and set font, color, animation, etc. After editing, click on "OK" to save the setting and return to the primary interface.

Edit Text on Intro and Credit

Note: You can preview the intro and credit by clicking on the "Play" button.

Edit Text on Intro and Credit

Step 5. Export edited video

Click on "Export" to enter the output interface. You can choose the output format for your video and save it to mobile devices, computer DVD or directly share it on YouTube and Facebook. Finally, click on "Export" to start exporting.

Export Edited Video

Tips & Warnings

  • Video Editor not only lets you add intro and credit, but also allows you to create effects for your videos. Be sure to download and try the program at least for once, or you'll never know how awesome this tool is.

  • Don't try to add many different effects to your video. Keep it simple.

  • If you ever get stumped on editing or enhancing your video, you can leave your messages in the comments below. We'll answer you back as soon as possible.

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