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Q1. How to purchase your product and how soon will receive the license code after purchase?

Go to Store and find the product you want to buy. Then, click "Buy Now" and step through the purchase flow. You will receive the register code by Email immediately after a successful purchase.

Q2. Can I evaluate before purchasing?

We provide free trial versions for all our products to help users get a clear idea before purchasing. you can go to our official website to download our program to start the test.

Generally, most trial versions have very few functional differences from the registered versions. We provide trial versions with different restrictions on different products. After you place an order successfully, we will provide registration code to remove the limitations of the trial version.

Q3. Is your online order secure?

It's 100% SAFE! Our secure server is at Mycommerce.com, a veteran ecommerce company specializing in software. We cooperate with 3rd-party - Avangate.com to receive payment. During the order process, SSL encryption is applied to protect all the data and information you provided for the order.

Q4. I purchase the wrong product by mistake. Can I exchange it for the right one?

Yes, you can. In this case, please uninstall the wrong product first. Then email us with your order information and the right product you want. We will exchange the right one for you.

However, the price difference (which the support will provide you unique purchase link with price difference) must be fully taken into account. If the correct order is more expensive than the wrong one, you should make up the difference. If not, the price difference between two products will not be returned.

Q5. How can I know if my order is processed successfully or not?

After your payment is finished, all detailed product information, including Order ID, Email Address and Registration code will be sent by the payment platform in short time.

To get prompt and specific support, please provide the Order Number and the Email Address you used when purchasing or attach the confirmation e-mail from payment platform. This will help us locate your order.

Q1. What payment methods do you support?

There are several payment options for you to choose such as PayPal through Visa/Euro/MasterCard card, Discover, American Express, JCB and more.

Q2. What is your Refund Policy?

We hold the 30-day money back guarantee if our products cannot normally work with error or bug and we cannot solve it within an acceptable period of time or provide a temporary solution. Sometimes the software doesn't work well due to improper operations. We strongly suggest you contact our support team for help first with detailed problem description.

Q1. I paid but did not receive license code. Why?

Normally, you will receive a confirmation email with license code after your purchase. If you didn't receive the license code, the possible reasons might be: 1. Due to your email setting, the letter with license code went to Trash directly. Please check the folder there. 2. Your E-mail service provide rejects Email from Unknown senders, so the registration code cannot be sent to you. 3. You provided invalid E-mail address when you ordered the software.

Please let us know by writing to support@videos-converter.net with your order No. and registration Email address if you are under one of the last two situations.

Q2. I entered the license code you sent to me, but the software said "Registration info is invalid". Why?

1. Confirm the product is the right one you purchase.

2. There is no space at the beginning or the end of the code; otherwise the code is recognized as an invalid code.

3. Don't mix up the Windows and Mac version products, which are completely two different products and have separate licenses of each own.

Q3. Can I use one license on multiple computers?

Sorry, basically our program’s license code is one license for one computer only.  If you would like to purchase additional licenses, please feel free to contact us. The multi-license discount is ready.

Q4. What can I do if I lost or forgot the license code?

If you forgot or lost the registration key, you can send an email to the support center (support@videos-converter.net) to retrieve it. Please provide us with detailed information about your purchase, such as order ID, email address, etc.

Q1. What should I do if I want to upgrade the program to the latest version?

There are four ways you can have your program upgrades.

1. Directly click on the button on the interface of the program by clicking the Check for update under the Help menu, and start downloading the latest version of the program you are using.

2. Visit our official site to check out and download the latest version of the program.

3. Subscribe to our Newsletter, the we will send you email to remind some upgrades, activities or discounts.

Q2. I'm having problems downloading programs from this site. What can I do?

1. Please check your Internet connection to make sure your connection is working properly.

2. Try using a different browser to download the program you want.

3. Ensure that your browser allows pop-up windows, or add www.videos-converter.net to your pop-up blocker exceptions list.

4. Temporarily disable any security software, such as a firewall or antivirus, you may be running. You can re-enable this once the download has completed.

5. It could be a problem with our server.

If you are still experiencing problems of downloading, report a downloading problem to our Support Center. We'll fix the problem ASAP. Thank you!

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