Record Audio
One-click to Record Any Audio Playing on your Computer without Quality Loss
  • Capture streaming audio that play on your computer like YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, MySpace, Slacker and more.
  • Record radio and podcast from your favorite channels, such as BBC Radio, AOL Radio, Radio Blog Club, iHeartRadio, etc.
  • Record a VoIP (like Skype) or voice messages through Facebook or WeChat.
  • Record your voice using a microphone.
  • Add recorded music to iTunes library with one click.
Recording Tasks Schedule
Record Sounds Intelligently – Free you from Repetitive Work
  • Easily set up recording tasks schedule to record audios automatically when you leave.
  • Automatically separate different songs logically with silence detection feature.
  • Intelligently remove ads by changing the automatic filter setting to a proper duration and discard any tracks that are too short.
Fix Music ID3 Tag
Auto-Identify ID3 Tags for Easier Management

After you recorded a song on your Windows or Mac computer, the program helps you auto-get music information, such as title, albums, genre, artist and size, which make the management of all these tracks easier. Better yet, you are allowed to edit the ID3 tags manually.

Make Ringtones
Create your Own Ringtones Easily

Are you tired of the same ringtone ringing from all sides? Do you want to create your unique ringtone from your favorite music or video? Streaming Audio Recorder lets you cut clips out of recorded audio files. You can set the start and ending time by sliding the timeline while fade-in and fade-out makes the ringtone sound smooth. Then, save the ringtone as .m4r for iPhone or .mp3 for Android phones or others.

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Customer Review

Makes my work much easier and never gave me a problem--what more could you ask? I use Streaming Audio Recorder to record Skype audio interviews. It's intuitive, easy to use, does the job well, very reliable.- By Jill Fitzgerald

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