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Basic Knowledges of Subtitles – SRT, SSA/ASS

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

Karolina Miller is an editor for VC Studio. From video/audio downloading to DVD creating and converting, she knows them all. And she likes sharing her thought and solution about multimedia.

Subtitle plays an important role in a video and movie during video enjoyment. It can not only help viewers to understand content better, but also make video enjoyment accessible to deaf or hard of hearing people. However, you may find there is no embedded subtitles in a video/movie, which will cause misunderstanding or annoyance. So how to add or create subtitles by yourself? The most popular and ordinary subtitle files are SRT, SSA and ASS. Today we will show you the introduction of these three subtitles and how to add these three kinds of subtitles to your video.

Part 1What is the SRT, SSA and ASS?

What is a SRT file?

SRT, or SubRip text, is the most basic and simple format for subtitles which is widely used for videos. Usually, an SRT file mainly contains the number of the subtitle in the sequence, the start and end times of when the subtitle appears, the subtitle content and a blank line to indicate the start of next subtitle. SRT does not include any video data. It is just a text file which allows you to create or edit by using any text editor at will.

What is a SSA file?

The .ssa file extension is commonly associated with Sub Station Alpha freeware application which is specialize in creating SSA subtitles for video files. It allows you to add more special display effects such as positioning, karaoke and style managements than the conventional SRT and similar subtitles. SSA subtitles are saved in text format but complex than SRT.

What is an ASS file?

ASS stands for Advanced SubStation Alpha, which include all the features of SSA and expand more effects on the basis of SSA. These ASS subtitles are also created by SubStation Alpha software program. The ASS subtitles allows for formatting and styling of subtitle text and is popular among Anime and Karaoke projects.

Part 2How to Add SRT, SSA/ASS Subtitles to Videos?

To add the SRT, ASS/SSA files to your video, I would like to recommend Video Converter Ultimate to you. This program is not only a video converter as its name shows, but also has other powerful features such as downloading online videos, burning DVD to popular video and editing video basically. The most important thing is that it enables you to add external SRT, SSA/ASS files to your video via edit panel > Subtitle option.

Video Converter Ultimate – Add Subtitles to Video easily

Video Converter Ultimate can help you to add SRT, SSA/ASS files to videos or customize the subtitles to your video.

Step 1. Load the Video without Subtitle

Drag and drop the videos to Video Converter Ultimate, or clicking "Add Files" button to import the videos from your local folder.

Load Video to Program

Step 2. Add Subtitles to Video

Click the "Pencil" icon on the video task bar to open video editing panel. Then lead to "Subtitle" tab and click "…" icon to import SRT, SSA/ASS from a file browse window. Additionally, you can click the "Search Subtitle" to open a subtitle website so as to search and download subtitles from here.

Add Subtitles to Video

Step 3. Edit Subtitles and Export Video

After adjusting the transparency and position of the subtitle, click "OK" to apply the subtitle to your video. Then you need to go to the "Output Format" selection to choose a format supported by your devices and click "Convert" button to export your video.

Export Video

With Video Converter Ultimate, it is easy and straightforward to add SRT, SSA/ASS subtitles to videos. It also helps to customize you own subtitles with special font and color. Now, download the trial version and add the subtitles to your video.


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