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Netflix Alternative: Best 5 TV Streaming Sites Like Netflix

Karolina Miller
Karolina Miller

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Watching movies and TV shows on smart TV have been never been so interesting till we knew Netflix. Recently, the price of Netflix subscriptions has gone up from $7.99 to S9.99 per month. So many people want to find a Netflix alternative for enjoying movies and TV shows. If you're ready to try some sites like Netflix, these five popular streaming services should be the good choices.

Part 1 5 Best Movie Streaming Sites Like Netflix

Cost: $9.99 or $12.99 on Android and iOS platform a month.

YouTube is probably the best place to start due to it is the most famous online video sharing website. And its new subscription service, Red might become one of the best Netflix alternatives. YouTube Red works in a similar manner like Netflix that offers ads-free original contents, HD videos for viewing on mobile, laptops and TV.

Pros: YouTube is the largest sites like Netflix which offer movie streaming in high quality and it also allows people to upload original content for sharing.

Cons: YouTube has limitation on watching time so you'd better to download YouTube movies for forever keeping.

Cost: $99 per year but offer one-month free trial.

Amazon Prime is another popular streaming service like Netflix which enables you to get access to over 6000 new releases, movies and TV shows, even in HD. It's easy to get unlimited movies and TV shows among the thousands in their catalog and then stream commercial-free content on PC, Mac and 200 more different internet-connected devices, including TVs, Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes, tablets, game consoles.

Pros: You are able to rent movies online for watching and get special deals on Amazon Prime. Besides, it provides free –two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Cons: Compared to Netflix, you will find Amazon Prime is a little difficult to get movie and TV shows.

Cost: &7.99 a month. One-week free trial.

Hulu Plus is a good Netflix alternative site as it offers current seasons of popular TV shows, with most being available within 24 hours. When you get a subscription, you will find a large ad-free selection which provides movies, HD content, TV shows like Modern Family, New Girl, The Office, etc. With Hulu Plus, you can watch movies on iPhone, iPad, Android, PS3, etc. to get better video experience on the go.

Pros: This site will update the new movies and TV shows every day. And there are some special events you may like to watch such as Superbowl.

Cons: Hulu Plus is not a good choice for movie streaming because it mainly focuses on TV shows. Another annoyance is that up to 8 commercials will appear in a 30 minutes' episode of a show.

No.4 M-Go

Cost: Renting or purchasing

M-Go is a relatively newcomer of Netflix alternatives. Like Amazon Prime Instant Video, you only need to pay for renting or purchasing movies and TV shows instead of a subscription. It is known for getting new movies and show faster than Netflix. M-Go even gets movies that are still playing in Theaters. Now you can download or stream the movies from your Smart TV, computer or portable device.

Pros: Some movies available on it are still in theatres, and others can be pre-ordered even though they haven't been released yet!

Cons: The only downside to M-Go is that it isn't all that widely available right now.

No.5 Crackle

Cost: Free

Crackle is one of the good Netflix alternative websites for you, with thousands of movies and TV shows. This website is known for being absolutely free, simple sign up and you will get access to these contents. One thing you need to know is that Crackle is owned by Sony and most of their movies and TV shows are exclusive from their partners.

Pros: Crackle keeps its database updated monthly so you will see movies and shows get replaced all the time.

Cons: Since Crackle is free, you will come across ton of commercials in between movies and shows.

Part 2 Download Movies from Movie Streaming Sites

Do you want to save these streaming movies for offline watching? Here we would like to recommend Wondershare AllMyTube to you. AllMyTube is a perfect and powerful online video downloader which allows you to download or record movies, HD videos, TV shows, as well as Netflix movies from various movie streaming sites including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Netflix, BBC, NBC, etc. Download the program from below and try to download your favorite movies.


Step 1: Free download Wondershare AllMyTube on your computer, install and run it for further movie downloading.

Step 2: Open your browser and find the movies you want to download.

Step 3: Copy the URL of the movies and then paste the URL to the program by clicking "Paste URL". And then the video will be downloaded immediately. If you use IE or Firefox on Windows, you can easily find a floating "Download" icon on the top of the video window. You are able to download the videos by directly clicking the icon.

Copy and Paste the URL

Note: By using two methods above, you can only download the free video from these websites. For the purchased or rented videos, tap on "Record Video" button to record these purchases and rentals from YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc.

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