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How to Download Videos off the Internet

Catrina Jones
Catrina Jones

Catrina Jones is a qualified editor of this website aimed at multimedia software. She is a regular contributor of product tutorials, reviews as well as tips and tricks, helping all users edit, download or create enjoyable videos.

Imagine you've just in the middle of watching TED Talks online and all of a sudden, you're forced to stop viewing the video because of the internet breakdown or unstable internet speed. How annoying could it be? But watching a downloaded videos off the Internet can easily save you from running into the problem mentioned above. And obviously, it's easier to download online videos than to watch them through the online streaming video player. Here we've rolled out two ways to download videos off the Internet: Online Downloader and Desktop Downloader.

Online Downloader – Download Videos from Video-Sharing Sites

Want to avoid installing software while downloading online videos? The following online downloaders can do the work for you.

VidPaw – VidPaw is able to download YouTube videos up to HD resolution and convert videos to M4A/WebM audio with a single click. All conversions and downloads are free and there's no additional software required.

VidPaw Downloader

Zamzar - Zamzar works as a free online video converter/downloader that can convert video into a wide range of file types. You can easily get your video in the format you want by following the 4 steps here:

  • Select files or URL to convert

  • Choose output format

  • Enter email address to receive converted files

  • Start converting

YooDownload – YooDownload is the fastest YouTube video downloader without java or any 3rd party plugins. It helps you download videos from YouTube or many other video sites such as Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. with all the qualities available. Besides, it also lets you convert YouTube video to MP3.

Online Downloader

Except for the three options we've discussed here, there are others choices you can easily find on Google. Most often, these online downloaders offer basic functions like video downloading and video conversion for free but there're limitations or restrictions to more features. And it's kind of dangerous to use these online programs to download videos or other sources from online websites without knowing if there's any hidden plugins downloaded and installed on your PC. For me, I would rather use the professional paid desktop applications than unsafe online downloaders to get any videos wanted off the Internet. Read on and get more info about desktop downloaders.

Desktop Downloader – Download Video via a Desktop Application

Video Converter Ultimate – Video Converter Ultimate is an extremely powerful desktop application that's sure to meet just about all your video conversion and downloading needs. It lets you download video in HD 1080p, HD 720p or 4K quality from YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. without installing hidden software or plugins. The complete downloading process is easy, fast and clean. And it is capable of converting video and audio in various formats including MOV, MP4, H.265, AAC, etc. What's more, it's able to convert video to format which is compatible with specific devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and more.


Video Converter Ultimate

AllMyTube – AllMyTube is a simple download utility for streaming videos including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vevo, Dailymotion, BBC, etc. It comes with optional extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer and once installed, you can see a small download button on every video you play in the browser. You can easily download the video by clicking on the button. But if you don't want to use any browser extensions, you can copy the URL of the video and paste it to AllMyTube, it will analyze the page you provided and help you download the video. Same as Video Converter Ultimate, it allows you to convert downloaded videos to iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, Kindle Fire, etc.



It's nice to have a few handy tools that can help you get videos off YouTube, Facebook, etc. so you can watch then when you're offline. But when it comes to the topic of downloading videos online, you might worry that it will against the copyright. As I see it, it's probably OK if you just want to download video for your own personal use and entertainment. And it's up to you to decide whether you would like an online downloader or desktop downloader. Leave us your message in the comments below if you have any idea about this topic!

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