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DivX vs. XviD: What's the Difference?

Catrina Jones
Catrina Jones

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From high-end HD video with surround sound shown in the cinemas to video streaming from a mobile phone, video is everywhere and trying to figure out various video formats could be a very technical subject. But knowing a little bit more about video formats can be beneficial because that helps us to play a video easily on whatever device in the correct format. Several days ago, one of our users asked about the difference between DivX and XviD. Here I would like to share my knowledge about these two video formats briefly.

About DivX

DivX is a video codec that has grown in popularity due to its ability to compress lengthy video into small sizes in a fast and convenient way while still maintaining the best quality possible. It's possibly the most popular MPEG-4 based codec because of its quality, speed and efficiency as well as the wide range of DVD players that support the DivX format.

About DixV

About XviD

When it comes to XviD, a primary competitor of the DivX Pro Codec, we called it a new popular video codec developed by volunteer programmers from all over the world. As an open source format, it's free and widely used online. It can compress a full-length DVD-quality movie enough to fit on a single CD without damaging the original image quality.

About XviD

DivX VS XviD

DivX is free but protected and it's a proprietary codec. XviD is free and not protected by any company. Anyone can modify the source code. A device labeled "DivX compatible" does not necessarily can play XviD videos and vice versa. XviD produces superb video with very sharp details while DivX video has blocky and fuzzy artifacts around the edges of objects.

Convert Video to DivX/XviD

To help you convert video from other formats like MKV, M4A, AVI, 4K, ASF, etc. to DivX or XviD, Video Converter Ultimate will be the best solution. It's fully compatible with Windows and Mac and it supports a wide range of video formats which allows you to convert video formats flexibly and conveniently. Before you start converting the video, you are able to edit the video with simple yet useful options. Download the trial version to give it a try if you have any intension to convert video format.


Convert Video to DivX/XviD


If you would like to have a standardized video format that you can play in most hardware players, then go for DivX. However, if you want video with greater performance and more advanced options, then XviD is for you.

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