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Blu-ray VS Digital HD - Which Has the Best Quality


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It is not a new topic about the battle between Blu-ray and digital HD files. Many movie lovers pay much attention to the quality of the movie they buy, but which has the better quality? Blu-ray or digital HD videos?

According to video and audio quality, I must say Blu-ray has better quality. But does it mean that Blu-ray is a better choice? No! Why? Here's review of Blu-ray vs Digital HD file comparison to answer your question.

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Digital HD VS Blu-Ray: Blu-Ray Still Has Better Video Quality

Video encoding technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years but regardless of how crisp the images look on a digital download version of a film, they will always be trumped by the Blu-ray version. That's because a Blu-ray has far greater storage space for video content: 25GB for a single-layer disc, 50GB for double-layer. A lot of that will be taken up by the audio encode, but the video will still be a mightily large file.

Digital HD VS Blu-Ray

As the digital version needs to either be downloaded or streamed, it needs considerably greater compression to fit the video into a manageable file size. For example, the video file on the Star Wars: Episode V - Empire Strikes Back Blu-ray disc is a little under 40GB, while the Full HD Digital HD version is 5.29GB. And the latter includes the 5.1 Dolby surround track too.

The more compression there is on the video file, the more detail will be lost. So while the Digital HD versions look great, they don't look as great as the Blu-ray.

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Digital HD VS Blu-Ray: Blu-Ray Has Much Better Audio Quality

Yes, the Digital HD versions have the 5.1 Dolby Digital surround track found on the Blu-rays and DVDs, which will be fine for some, they don't include the greatly improved 6.1 DTS-HD mixes that come with the BD collection.

That might not be important when you are out and about, but if you've spent a wedge on a home cinema setup, with a compatible AV receiver, you'll like your films to sound as good as they look. Only the Blu-ray offers the best option in that case.

Digital HD VS Blu-Ray: The Comprehensive Review


Digital HD File


·           Blu-ray still has better video quality.

·           Blu-ray has much better audio quality.

·           Blu-ray offers more bonus content (including,   in many cases, a digital copy of the film).

·           Blu-ray rentals can be cheaper.

·           You can download digital movies/TV shows (offline) or stream (online) from lots   of websites for playback on PC/Mac/mobiles.

·           Digital release is available to everybody and restrictions-free.


·           Blu-ray player, HDTV or Blu-ray drive and   special software on computer are needed to deliver stunning video and audio.

·           It cannot be directly watched on portable   devices.

·           It is fragile to be scratched or broken unless   under extremely careful protection.

·           It may not deliver HD quality if devices only supporting standard definition videos.

·           Sometimes,not all episodes of TV shows are provided online so that an alternative way is necessary for enjoying whole TV show.

Digital HD VS Blu-Ray: My Personal Experiences

Recently I tried comparing a movie streamed from Netflix with the Blu-ray equivalent. The results surprised me. The streaming version was totally watchable. It did not, as some have suggested, simply look like upconverted standard definition. The color was hard to criticize, there was no noise, and I didn’t spot any artifacts. It was clearly softer and less deeply detailed than the Blu-ray, but not in an obvious, "Wow, look at that" way.


In spite of the high resolution and big storage capacity, Blu-ray Disc is too big to carry and use, to store and preserve. Of course, Blu-ray disc is a bit more expensive than DVD. Furthermore, considering the high price of Blu-ray Disc drive, and the bad compatibility of it, if you do not require special high quality of movie, I personally think there is no need to use a Blu-ray Disc.

However, many movie fans are collectors, and a movie that streams and then disappears, or even gets downloaded to some sort of storage for future viewing, doesn't have the same collectable cache as a disc in its cover sitting on a bookcase. In this case, you can burn your HD video to DVD or Blu-ray. Wondershare DVD Creator can help you convert videos to Blu-ray or DVD.

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