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Why Is CompTIA Security+ Certification So Popular? CheckIt Out with Exam Dumps

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Introduction into Security Field

Security is an essential component of any serious entity. With revolutionizing business functions and the majority of information exchange processes happening over the last decades, professionals in IT should definitely follow good security practices. In this aspect, cybersecurity technology is one of the fastest developing fields because day by day there are new threats that enter in the systems and thus data safety also keeps getting advanced with novel techniques and strategies.

Being a field with a broad scope of application, security capacities are used in different industry sectors, therefore proposing ample opportunities for skilled professionals. Due to this, employers are keen on hiring specialists who can satisfy their current requirements and have their skills validated by a reputable vendor like CompTIA 220-1002 .

CompTIA Enriching Certifications

You may know already that CompTIA is a non-profit association committed to issuing professional certifications in the information technology industry. Throughout recent years, the company has earned recognition among some of the biggest tech companies such as Northrop Grumman, HP, Dell, IBM, Nationwide, etc. Its line of credentials is designed to validate knowledge in diverse fields such as:

• Cybersecurity

• Networking and Cloud Technologies

• Hardware, Infrastructure and Services

• Software Development

• Mobile and Web

• Office Productivity, and more

Moreover, CompTIA hosts certifications covering multiple knowledge standards from beginner to the expert level in the above mentioned technologies. Below you can observe 4 certifications in cybersecurity offered by CompTIA:

• CompTIA Security+

• CompTIA CySA+

• CompTIA PenTest+

• CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)+

CompTIA Security+ Certification

Coming closer, Security+ is a certification issued to individuals who wish to enter the field of security. This is a core badge that validates baseline your cybersecurity skills. Security+ focuses on a candidate’s practical skills, ensuring that he/she is capable of solving a wide variety of security issues at the workplace.

Thus, to acquire this qualification, you are obliged to take the CompTIA SY0-501 exam. Some of the prospective job roles that you can expect with this great certification in cybersecurity are:

• Systems Administrator

• Security Engineer

• Consultant in Security

• Network Administrator

• Junior IT Auditor/Penetration tester

CompTIA SY0-501 Exam in Detail

So, SY0-501 is a 90-minute exam consisting of a maximum of 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions. To give you a hint, CompTIA recommends applicants for the test to have CompTIA Network+ obtained beforehand and two years of security - oriented experience in IT administration.

In the very test, your knowledge of the following domains will be assessed:

• Threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities

• Architecture and design

• Technologies and tools

• Management of risks

• Identity and access management

• PKI and cryptography

Your performance will be eventually evaluated and you aregiven a score on a scale of 100 - 1000 of which 750 is the passing result. Your Security+ will be valid up to three years from taking the exam but fortunately, CompTIA supports you with the great renewal process to update your skillset.

It means that the CompTIA continuing education program is a convenient way of extending your certification in three-year periods through relevant activities and training. By renewing your expertise, you will stay current with the latest technologies and trends in the field of security and possess in-demand skills of a knowledgeable security expert.

Why Choose CompTIA Security+?

Well, there are several certifications by other vendors validating your foundational knowledge in cybersecurity: ECCouncil CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), (ISC)2 CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), Isaca CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), and GIAC GSEC Security Essentials.

However, CompTIA proposes you the optimal way to advance your skills and keep them constantly relevant. Below are some unique features of its Security+ certification which could be highly beneficial for a rewarding career in security.

• Security+ is the only badge that assesses candidates’ basic knowledge using performance-based questions. This gives professionals more exposure to practical skills in troubleshooting general security issues.

• The badge is Approved by the DOD 8570 and designed in accordance with ISO 17024 standards. More, the Security+ certification program and content are elaborated in compliance with the regulations and standards of the US Department of Defense which is ideal for an individual who is looking to pursue a military job.

• As a vendor-neutral certification, this solid CompTIA badge will make your job opportunities more expansive compared to your peers with vendor-specific cybersecurity certifications under their belt. This feature is especially beneficial for entry-level certifications as it is most likely for students and security beginners to test the waters first and choose what’s best rather than being restricted to a single brand of products and services.

• CompTIA offers a variety of high-quality training options. During preparation, you’ll enjoy e-learning to learn at your own pace at any time in any place, virtual labs where you can develop your hands-on skills in cybersecurity applications, or go for instructor-led training or reliable study guides.

Are Exam Dumps Helpful?

Exam dumps have remodelled the way candidates used to prepare and practice for IT certification exams. But owing to a large number of low-quality dumps currently available on the Internet, test takers are hesitant to use these productive files.

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This feature enables you to experience the real exam conditions and thereby minimize anxiety and stress on your test day. Furthermore, the ETE Player lets you put prepared strategies into the test, so use this opportunity to pick the most effective options that work best for you personally.


Summarizing, cybersecurity is a domain filled with lucrative opportunities for anyone wishing to pursue a career in computer data protection. The most important factor for your success in this field is possessing elaborated skillset, above having a solid credential.

Like this, CompTIA Security+ is a great certification to mark your entry to the industry. Go headfirst into its SY0-501 exam’s challenge by using tried and tested exam dumps by PrepAway!

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