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Beginner's Guide: An Overview of 3D Video

Catrina Jones
Catrina Jones

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There is no doubt that 3D movies have become increasingly popular ever since Avatar came out. Cinemas are being continuously upgraded to 3D and more and more movies are being converted from 2D to 3D. So why is everyone so obsessed with 3D film, 3D display or 3D glasses, etc.? In this guide, we'll focus on the 3D technology and discover more secrets about 3D video production.

How 3D Works?

3D movie is short for three-dimensional movie. To get full 3D effect, the viewer needs a complete home theater setup with not only the glass but also a 3D-compatible TV and 3D movies. But you may ask both 3D TVs and 3D movie screens are flat, so how do they make a 3D image? Well, that's the secret about 3D image. To create the illusion of 3D, TV developers will provide different images to each eye. And the brain then takes these images and combines them into a three-dimensional image that includes depth, which creates a sense of full immersion or "being there".

3D Glasses

 3D Glasses

It's strange to view a 3D film without 3D glasses. So how to choose the best 3D glasses for you? Active 3D glasses are the more expensive and superior option. They provide a sharper image and allow full 1080p HD resolution 3D. But they are heavier than passive glasses which makes them uncomfortable to wear. And the Active 3D systems have a relatively narrow viewing angle so the viewer may have to keep the head still while watching. 

On the contrary, Passive 3D Glasses are less expensive and lighter than Active 3D glasses. But the 3D images it produces are blurry compared with a full 1080p image.

Note: It's easy to buy 3D glasses on eBay.

3D Home Viewing

3D Home Viewing

Besides 3D glasses, you will need other requirements to produce 3D effect. So how to watch 3D video/movie at home? You will need:

  • 3D movies: A 3D Blu-ray movie is needed.

  • 3D Displays: 3D Blu-ray player and a compatible 3D TV are the last two thing required to watch 3D movie at home.

3D Movie Conversion

Has the thought converting 2D video to 3D movie ever bothered you? Here is a simple solution to help you enjoy 2D movie with 3D effect without going to the cinema. Preparations are as follow:

Convert 2D to 3D

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