Q1. What is the difference between the trial and the registered version?

There is no functional difference between the trial version and the registered version except that:

  • There will be a watermark on the exported video if you use the trial version;

  • The trial version will be expired in 30 days.

After you purchase and register the program, these limitations will be removed.

Q2. What's the difference between Standard Mode and Advanced Mode?

Standard Mode allows you to quickly create a photo slideshow with preset movie styles while Advanced Mode offers more customization options to create a unique photo or video slideshow.

Q3. How to switch from Standard Mode to Advanced Mode quickly and vice versa?

You can switch between standard mode and advanced mode easily. Please click on the program icon in the upper left corner and select Switch to Standard Mode / Switch to Advanced Mode to change modes.

Q4. How to import an existing project?

You can import an existing slideshow to program for to continue editing. Click the DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe button in the upper left corner and select Import Slideshow to import presentations to the current project. *.dsb, *.xdss and *.psa files are supported.

Q5. How to back up a project?

In the upper left corner, click the DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe icon. Then, select "Backup Project" to back up the project. With the backup function, you can open the project on another computer even if the source files have been moved, renamed or deleted.

Q6. What to do if my video fails to import into the program?t?

You can import files to DVD Slideshow Deluxe by clicking the "Add Files" button in the middle of the pogrom. Here you have four choices: Add photo/Video, Add Blank Clip, Add from Camera/Device and Add from DV Camcorder. If you still have trouble, it is possible that the program doesn't support the file you are adding.

Q7. When clicking on the Create tab a message of "The project contains 1 blank slideshow. Please add media files or delete the blank slideshow first before going to 'Creat'" appears. What does it mean?

If you have added many different slideshows to your project, yet neglected to add any media files to them, you will get this error.

Now you can go to Organized tab and find the blank slideshow. Right-click on it and choose "Delete". Then, you can create your slideshow successfully.

Q8. What would cause the DVD burn to fail?

You may fail to burn DVD slideshow, if

1.The DVD driver is damaged.

2.There is a problem with the burn engine.

3.The software's temp folder doesn't have enough space to store data. To adjust this, click on Settings > General to locate the path to your temp file, and then move some of the files out to make more space.

4.The computer is overloaded when you have multiple windows and programs open on your computer.

Q9. How to fix that the burned DVD does not play correctly on my home DVD player?

If you cannot play burned DVD on your DVD player, it is likely that there is an incompatibility between the disc and the DVD player or you choose the wrong TV standard for the burned DVD. Therefore,

1.Make sure that you choose the correct TV standard (NTSC or PAL) for your country. The NTSC standard is popular in places like the U.S., Canada and Japan, while PAL is more common in in Australia, most of Western Europe, China, some parts of Africa, India, and elsewhere.

2.Double check to make sure that the blank DVD that you used is supported by your DVD player or TV.

Q10. Why does the text for the DVD Menu disappear after burning?

If you did not enable shadow and halation for your text, you may be unable to see the DVD menu on the burned DVD. To solve this problem, you can:

1.Launch the software and load in your project again.

2.Navigate to Create tab and choose Burn to DVD.

3.Click Edit > Text > Font one by one.

4.In the Font window, tick both Shadow and Halation.

Q11. How to download more free resources?

In Advanced Mode, go to Personalize and you will find the "Download Free Resources" button appeared when you click Clipart, Pre-Audio and Intro & Credit.

In Standard Mode, go to Personalize tab and you can see the "Download Free Resources" button appeared when you click Style, Clipart, Pre-Audio and Intro & Credit.



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